Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: After Hours

just a sample from a series of videos posted on youtbe. very funny...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


this is a countdown of sorts as i am once again reminded of the inevitability of maturity and old age (hahaha)...25 wishes for 25 years...unique, no? hehehe...these are just some of the "it would be nice if..." thoughts that i've had...a collection of wishes that are idealistic (or too idealistic), mundane, overly sentimental (read:CORNY) and others that are just downright weird...but what else can you expect from sonofaditch? : )...hope someone out there can make one of my wishes come true hehehe

1.I arrive home to find ENYA playing on a piano and singing in English, Irish, Latin, Japanese, Loxian -- even in gibberish. The private concert lasts for days as she performs all her songs from "Watermark" up to "Amarantine". During her breaks I shower her with compliments and professions of my undying love. The concert ends and she exits carried by angels into the heavens...then i die out of sheer happiness.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins reunite! The complete cast of Billy Corgan,James Iha, D'arcy Wretsky and Jimmy Chamberlin play in an exclusive concert for all SP fans in the Philippines (i'm willing to share this time hehehe) The Pumpkins play all their songs and in the middle of "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" I kick Billy off the stage and replace him on vocals. Hahahaha!

3. I gain the power of time-travel and go back in time to visit my favorite historical period: Ancient Greece. Then I get to watch ALL the plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides and Aristophanes. I get into a roundtable discussion with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and all the philosophers. Then I beat everybody in the Olympics!

4. Use my time-travel powers to alter the history of the Philippines -- turning it into a socialist utopia. Go!!!!

5. Unlimited access to all libraries and museums around the world.

6. For one whole week, all the radio stations will play nothing but my fave music. Then MTV, Channel V and Myx will do a marathon of all my fave music videos kag AKO ang VJ! Hahahaha!

7. Learn to read and write Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin and Greek.

8. My own personal GUNDAM

9. All the anime ever produced will be specially delivered to my doorstep by robot geishas ( as seen in Ghost in the Shell 2 -- pero indi na sila deadly *wink*) -- must have impeccable English translation (if #7 comes true, nevermind the translation)

10. Resurrect/Revive/Reanimate/Summon/Clone Andres Bonifacio and have him run for President of the Philippines...ilabas ang mga bolo mga kapatid!

11. Dishonest politicians will be afflicted by hives and festering boils -- the public will finally shun them for the unclean monsters they are -- the politicians take refuge in a secluded island where they have to put up with each other --it's hell on earth, baby...Bonifacio gets elected in a landslide and first thing he does is nuke the damn island of politicians...gisingin n'yo ako!

12. My own private library to store all my books. As large as the US Library of Congress and cooler than the Guggenheim and the Louvre...

13.state-of-the-art facilities in the National Archives and the National Library to preserve our historic documents

14. Social Studies given as much emphasis in the basic ed curriculum as Math, Science and the Languages (hello? DepEd?)

15. a travel visa to ALL states, no restrictions para pa-ayaw lagaw!

16. when i do historical research, primary source materials magically appear when i need them. I also gain the power to hypnotize librarians and archivists and turn them into my slaves...bwahahaha!

17. a wallet that never runs out of money. A credit card with no credit limit.

18. an RPG that lets one become his chosen character -- literally! Therefore I can now become an elven sorcerer... Let the games begin!

19. All cigarette production will cease. All beer and alcohol will disappear...only Red Horse will remain. :P

20. Stephen King shall grant me an exclusive interview and give me copies of all his works -- signed by the author of course...Also, we co-author the greatest horror story ever written: The History of the Philippines? joke!

21. Good fortune and a long and healthy life for my family and friends

22. A lifetime of misery and despair for all my enemies. BONUS: they all go to hell bwahahaha!

23. I become the cover model for "Men's Health" magazine...siyempre dapat may perfect abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, quads, lats, glutes at kung ano pa...hahaha in my dreams!

24. VIP seats in all restaurants, bakeshops, cafes, fastfood, cafeteria, turo-turo (may VIP seats sa turo-turo?) -- basta all places with good food. Then I get to eat all I want without gaining weight. Ha!

25. to make a difference in the lives of my students (I sincerely hope I did)...and would-be students...(naks! pang Teacher-of-the-Millenium Award bah...)


The Smashing Pumpkins video of their first single...don't know why it disappeared from my previous blog...anyway, it's back so enjoy. I know I will hehehe

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Smashing Pumpkins Lives! Long Live The Smashing Pumpkins!

when i watched "The Transformers" movie, one song on the soundtrack really got my attention. It played at the end credits and my immediate reaction was "shit! daw smashing pumpkins man na nga kanta?" Billy Corgan's vocals was unmistakable as well as the "sound" of the song. (ang tunog sang kanta hehe...) But since Billy's on a solo career i thought that a reunion would be impossible. 'til i stumbled across this video. The Smashing Pumpkins was indeed revived -- a month ago! hahaha huli man daw sa balita this was a cause for celebration!

This is the music video of the first single of the new album of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS entitled 'Zeitgeist'. The song title is 'Tarantula" (which really doesn't have any relation to the song itself -- go figure...) Just bought the CD and everything that's good about the SP is there. Billy Corgan has always been the driving force behind the music of the Pumpkins, and Jimmy's drumwork is flawless as usual. Nevermind that James Iha and Darcy aren't back this album still rocks! Though "Zeitgeist" is no MCIS, the tone and over-all feel is more of "Siamese Dreams" SP's second album...hahaha this is the happiest i've ever been these past few weeks...listening to the music that defined my High School life. Long Live The Smashing Pumpkins!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

LQS: Huling Kabanata

ANG NAKARAAN...ang pagtatagpo sa Faculty Center...masungit na propesora...ang paghihintay ng grupo kay LQS...matagal na paghihintay...matagal na matagal...na paghihintay...matagaaaaaaaaal na matagal na paghihintay............ :)

and so the five of us were hanging at the FC like a bunch of bums waiting for LQS to arrive. We were early -- we agreed as a group that we'll have to take the chance that LQS might be in her room that morning and we could start our interview earlier. There were concerns from my groupmates regarding traffic conditions because of the expected mass action against GMA's SONA. So on stakeout kami outside -- parang mga "groupies" or "stalkers". and the minutes went by...during the course of our "stakeout" we had some meaningful conversations...there's nothing like sitting around waiting for God-knows-what to get a conversation started among strangers. And so we were passing the time with trivial banter and as usual, Carlo was being himself -- standing apart, minding his own business (as I stated in part 2, may pagka-autistic ni si Carlo). Lovely was monopolizing most of the chatter (madaldal, see Part 2) which was fine with us, for she played the catalyst to start the friendly banter among the group...the minutes turned to an hour...

when the clock read 11:45 am we had to concede that LQS won't be arriving in the morning therefore we should head out to have lunch and return around 1:00 PM. So the four of us (Krisdel, Maricris, Lovely, and yours truly) went to the cafeteria right beside Palma Hall. (CASAA, what the acronym means I don't have the faintest idea) Carlo disappeared -- just in case you were wondering where the hell he went, but he promised to meet us back at the FC 1:00 PM...and so over greasy pork teriyaki our conversations continued -- as usual si Lovely and ga-bangka suryahanay hehehe

we came back at 1:00 PM and the gang's all assembled. Siesta time at the FC for some for we were already sleepy and waiting has already become a drag. Everytime we heard footsteps approaching we would be turning our heads, peering expectantly for LQS to appear -- only to see that it was a teacher, a student, or the janitor...patience, patience...

2:30 PM...the appointed time...no LQS. we were beginning to wonder if she had forgotten or she had gone to the Batasan and was marching against the SONA...who knows? we agreed to wait a few more minutes and if no LQS comes, we would leave a note on the door...this does not look good...

the tapping of shoes on the floor...an approaching person...five weary faces perk up, expectant...and we beheld the familiar face which we have been contemplating on the different books we were carrying...it was LQS...finally!

LQS asked us if we had been waiting long...we told her our wait wasn't that long ( obviously a lie)...she herded us into the room and we thanked God Prof. Masungit is gone. She made us sit behind her desk and she sat across from us. So we were there crammed in the small room(at least aircon ang room). Before the interview could commence, she made one request: "'wag niyong ibigay ang videotape sa ISAFP ha?" she joked. we laughed. the tension was broken...

and so we commenced with our interview. LQS relayed her thoughts regarding radical literature and the role of feminist writers during the period where radical writing reached its height. For LQS, literature was a product of the times, and radical literature was a way to call attention to the social ills that was plaguing our country that time. To her, the Martial Law period was both a negative and positive thing for Philippine literature. Negative -- there was suppression of free thinking, and the times were hard, even dangerous, for those who would dare oppose the repressive regime. A lot of people died during the struggle: writers, activists, ordinary people -- some were taken and "disappeared" for the slightest of suspicions; many were forced to hide "underground" in order to carry on the fight. The positive thing about Martial Law, according to LQS, was in literature, the people found their voice again; this was a time that Tagalog literature became rampant and found a place beside English as the language of poets and writers.

LQS commented that the radical struggle during the Martial Law period eventually gave way to the rise of feminist writing -- both the literature and the discourse on feminism broke out right after EDSA One, but the seeds were sown during the turbulent times of the Martial Law Period.
She related that even among the radical movements, women were still considered as "second-class citizens" compared to men, and only a few women were able to break away from that stereotype. She described her experiences during that period and a few incidents related to her by her acquaintances and how these have shaped her outlook.

When asked to comment regarding the current situation of our country, LQS assented that her generation may have failed somewhat in their mission for the same conditions still afflict the Philippines -- and it would seem that the government is taking on a semblance of the government during the Marcos regime. But still LQS asserted that her generation of writers were unique for their writing was shaped by the unique experiences that they faced during the 70's and 80's.

LQS was optimistic about radical literature at present times. She says that radicalism is now more evident through songs -- she cites Bamboo's "Tatsulok" as an example; she also said that the technology nowadays provides more opportunities for the youth the make their voices heard...a variety of choices face today's generation, and the ball is now in our hands...

An hour passed by...the interview is finished. We thanked LQS for sharing her experiences with us. We walked out of the FC feeling a sense of pride in our achievement, and a bit wiser from our conversation with a literary luminary...

Sa muli...maraming salamat LQS

~ now comes the hard part...consolidating the info from the interview with other data gathered from research...but that is another story...

~ soon to come...The (Almost) Forgotten Tales...LQS wasn't the only happening during these past few weeks...a few interesting anecdotes will be coming your way NEXT TIME...for now babay anay kay mapalibrary ko dugay2....haaaaay buhay...

Stand Alone 1.11

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Sorry people can't complete the LQS trilogy as of now...so here's just an update on my student life via the new songs in my playlist (pls scroll down to the bottom portion of my blog page):

Under Pressure - the classic song by Queen with David Bowie (daw mapatay na ko sa readings!)
I will Survive - the version performed by Cake (kaya natin 'to!)
Rome wasn't built in a Day - by Morcheeba (the virtue of patience and persistence, after all... -- refer to song title to complete this statement)
Hunter - by Bjork (ayawan pangita libro, journals, dissertations and all manner of elusive historical sources -- for a 10 page essay ni ha...f@#k!)
This is a Rebel Song - by Sinead O'Connor (wala lang...nami lang ang kanta...kasubo hehe)

post lang kamo sa chatbox if you have any more suggested songs for beleaguered students...hehe

okies...abri na ang Asian Studies Library so fly naman ako d'un...babay!~ditch