Friday, February 29, 2008

Yo Solo Conozco Dali y Buñuel

en la clase de español por la mañana. la profesora leyendo el articulo sobre Salvador Dali. muy poco la gente en la clase conozco Señor Dali. En articulo de Dali el nombre de Luis Buñuel mencionar. Señor Buñuel tambien mis compañeros de la clase no conocen.

Yo es confusado sobre titulo de la pelicula de Buñuel pero yo conozco esta la ecsena un ojo es cortando. el titulo en Pranses es "Un Chien Andalou." despues de la clase yo recuerdo es titulo Pranses pero esta titulo escribe en lengua español en el articulo. El titulo es "Un Perro de Andaluz."

Yo es sorprendido esta estudiantes de UP no conocen Señores Dali y Buñuel. Si Pebi escucha sobre esta, va a decir: "Que Horror!" Hahahahahahaha

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anime # 3: Ranma 1/2

one good thing if an anime series last long, you get to see the improvements in animation techniques as the years go by. and anyone who has bought the complete ranma 1/2 series is bound to see the change in animation style and quality throughout the series run. but the jokes are STILL funny, the situations ranma gets him/herself into still elicit a big round of Roll On The Floor Laughs, and even if the situations and challenges get more absurd and wacky, you still can't get tired of watching our gender-switching protagonist along with the other metamorphosing (and non-metamorphosing) characters go on theircrazy adventures. Now where did I put that takuri full of hot water...

some of the more memorable funny stuff:

1. Ranma gets a concussion and begins to believe that he's a woman
2. the martial-arts/gymnastics showdown bet. Akane and Kodachi (with the high pitched a-ha-ha-ha-ha!) plus the ring moves all by itself! (or does it?)
3. female Ranma being kissed by Kodachi's brother. Ranma's reaction is a KILLER! hahahaha
4. the "perverted old geezer" and his fondness for lingerie
5. various scenes of characters finding each other naked in the bath
6. the poor near-sighted Moose and his unrequited love for Shampoo...that, and the fact that Moose manages to hide all sorts of things under his sleeves -- kulang na lang bazooka ang itago niya!
7. Akane's father shedding copious tears -- cry me a river!
8. Ranma's father's past bulilyasos coming back to haunt both him and his son -- its usually Ranma that has to fix the mess though...
9. Ryoga's insanely poor sense of direction -- and his crush on Akane
10. The Chinese guide at the "cursed springs." Always ready with a story of some unfortunate being that fell into a cursed spring (usually a few thousand years ago) -- after a person had already fallen into it.
11. The insane martial arts styles (Anything Goes? Pancake Delivery something something...etc.) and the crazy moves (The Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Move was pretty cool though)
12. a character named "Pantyhose" (this was in the manga though. when I read of this character, nearly fell off my chair laughing)
13. how the wrong people keep falling in love with Ranma -- the male and the female versions -- which make for some very funny situations.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dasalan at Toksohan 2008 version

when I saw this prayer-parody on a blog I immediately recalled M.H.del Pilar's scathing parody of the prayer book attacking the Spanish friars. Fast forward a century later...

Special Prayer 4
Gloria Macapagal

Aba Naman
Ang YAMAN ng
GARCI Naging
Ka! Bukod Kang
Babaeng lahat.
pinagpala ring
ANAK,kayat wala
ng natira sa

iPasa sa lahat ng

History repeats itself, not only in the events but also in the methods of resistance...

Anime # 2: Ghost Fighter!

I nearly went postal during my first year when I wasn't able to watch the LAST episode of this anime series. We were required to attend the f*cking La Salle Pops Orchestra so all the negative energy went into the required reaction paper. P*tangina nyo hindi ko napanood ang last episode ng Ghost Fighteeeeer! hahahaha

Proof that this anime is still popular. I came across an advertisement flyer here in UP featuring Lord Yomi hailing an "Ikot" jeep and another showing Yomi and Dennis going one-on-one at the sunken garden hahaha I think it was for a Japanese Studies org...sure got my attention...

Oh siya here's the opening theme of YuYu Hakusho Season 2, when the guys (Eugene, Dennis, Vincent, Alfred or Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara) battled the "soccer dude" hehe Sensui

Fave character: Dennis, especially in his fox form.
Fave villain: sino pa kundi si Tarug--este--Toguro hehehe
Fave episode: Yomi versus his kid! ties with Toguro versus Eugene! ties with Dennis versus Karasu! it's a three-way!

And you thought you knew Syphilis...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pirating Pebi...

got this idea from a blog post by pebicentric. here's one of the many anime that have made a permanent mark (or scar?) on my life. this is the end theme for the first dragonball series -- when son goku was still a kid and his adventures consisted of foiling the plans of the red ribbon army. i always looked forward to the end of the episodes because this song would play and I would sing along ala videoke. (the philippine episodes would often feature subtitles parang videoke which made singing and memorizing the lyrics better.

here's the lyrics so you can sing along

(Philippines version)

life is so exciting and free
there are lots of good things to see
fantasies -- we can make them happen in this world

let's not lose our precious time
they are really hard to find
let's all go and find adventures in this life

oh we may see some mysteries that puzzle everyone
we must be strong to face them all
like battles to be won

aim high reach for the sky now
let love teach you the way how
oh this world can make dreams come true

oh this world is filled with love
oh this world is filled with love

so glad to know you do believe what love can do for you

oh this world is filled with love
oh this world is filled with love

challenges can make us strong
the power of love makes us win as it fills us with joy

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amores Perros

no this isn't about the movie...this is about our family's love story with animals, specifically dogs. hehe

Just got a call from Mama informing me that our dear, neurotic dog Jacko has finally called it quits after several dog years of living. At least he spent the last few years of his life with us because he wasn't originally ours. Mama also informed me of the good news -- two additional members to our family.

Si Pokwang kag si Laika...

My goodness...Mama said they got the names from a teleserye though I don't picture myself calling these dogs by their given names.

and so another pair of canines join the ranks of God's creatures that have found themselves in the good graces of my mother. As far as I could recall there have always been dogs and other animals in the house. I grew up with dogs as my playmates in the house. My sister and I would even sneak them into the house and let them sit around on the sofa...some even slept in our beds hahaha

and so these canines, felines, and other manner of beasts and creatures (fish, pigeons, and would you believe a pig?) often become extended members of our family --and these two newcomers are now acquanting themselves with life in our home. I would have to see for myself how "cute" these two are but at the moment they are currently being smothered by the motherly love of Erlinda hehe

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marcha de Hapones...con Ninjas!

Early morning na and I'm still awake. Internet-surfing some stuff. I initially started with macabre topics (people exploding, audio recordings of airplane crashes) when I stumbled upon this very CUUUUTE vid. can't explain the connect with previous browsings of death with this vid though...must be fate.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Febbie Anne!

Yes Pebi I'm talking to you! Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay! Cumpleaños Feliz!

Hope you don't mind me using your full name here...tutal tayu-tayo lang ang nagkikita dito ahehehehe...

Though technically bukas pa ang birthday mo...I'm assuming you'll be reading this tomorrow na...or if you're online now and you happened to stumble upon this...consider this an advanced greeting...

all the same...wishing you all the best in life. The best years of your life are ahead of wishes and God bless!

Pero hindi lang ikaw ang nagdiwang ng kaarawan ngayong Pebrero, eto pa yung ibang celebrants:

Feb 14 -- My nephew SAM, hope you'll forget all those traumatic experiences I put you through during your first vacation here in the Philippines. I promise to be NICE this time around...hehehe

Feb 20 -- The Great and Highly Exalted Febrianus Maximus! hahahaha! just received an email from Manong Boboy telling me he received my email and mama's's to all your ambitions in life 'nong!

Sa tanan nga gacelebrate ila birthday sa bulan sg Pebrero...pangalipay mayu hahaha

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ang Huling Tuldok

Finally! As of this moment, tapos na ang aking research paper sa Kas 199!


Now the only things left that need doing are final editing and polishing in preparation for passing tomorrow morning. (ga-rhyme haw?)

After the submission, the wait begins...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quein te gusta joder?

our Spanish professor broke the ice during our class today by having us go around asking questions to our classmates. The topic was the verb "gustar" (to like) and we were were asking each other what we like: Hobbies, favorite food, etc.

so we were going "que te gusta hacer?" or "que te gusta comer/beber?" when "creative minds" started to kick in...

One of our loco classmates came up with a brilliant question which i made the title of this post. The question translates to: Who do you want to f*ck?

when he asked me I immediately replied: Penelope Cruz! hahahaha maybe it was because we were in Spanish class that she was the first person to come to mind...the movie Sin Noticias de Dios maybe? Gracias Pebi!...

when we were discussing the activity, we were all laughing because of the crazy questions and answers that our group came up with. What I found perplexing is nobody in class knew who Penelope Cruz was. Maria (nuestra profesora en espanol)had to explain that she was una artista en peliculas espanoles pero COME ON!Nobody knew her?!

Other names came up during Maria's discussion and it seemed that I was the only one in class who knew them:

1. Agatha Christie - yo conozco un autor pero no leo sus libros.

2. Pedro Almodovar - un director de peliculas en Espana. No veo sus peliculas but I have heard of them.

Let this be a lesson to you: Leed muchos libros y ved muchas peliculas! (movies made by european directors, that is)

But enough about that, now let me ask you:

Quien te gusta joder?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Compare and Contrast

video # 1: "in bloom by nirvana"

video #2 "buddy holly" by weezer

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So Far, So Good...

for now, my stress level's been significantly lowered since the deadline for our research paper has been extended until feb 21. Bait ni Ma'am ano? hehehe

Last Saturday I spent the whole day holed up in my room typing my research with a vengeance. So far, so good...I'm about 60% complete with my first draft...just one last chapter for the body, then the conclusion, then the bibliography. Will be back early tomorrow in the library to plug up some holes in my written draft but as I see it, my paper will be done either friday evening or saturday afternoon...

Since I have been a good boy this week... this afternoon I decided to treat myself to a break and watch a movie.

"SAW 4" sucks...

The whole movie was a big "blah" -- but before I explain let me give you a description of the movie first (spoiler-free I promise...)

para siyang prequel yet at the same time it presented a storyline simultaneous to the events that unfolded in "saw 3". There were a lot of references to the previous saw a number of new characters were brought in, with some of the peripheral characters (READ: characters sa kilid-kilid) from the previous saw movies now given the spotlight.

But the "I wanna play a game" formula that was effective during the first three movies wore itself out quickly in saw 4. The traps were not too impressive in my opinion, and there simply wasn't too much gore -- you get the feeling that the movie was edited way too much so that it could be given the R-13 rating. Pero bilib ako kay Jigsaw, or in this case his OTHER accomplice, pinakyaw lahat ng videotapes, cassette tapes, at portable cassette may mga printed instruction cards pa...hanep sa preparation...

Tobin Bell and his character "Jigsaw", though dead (and naked -- you're treated to quite frankly an uncomfortable view of Jigsaw in all his [dead and naked] glory during the opening scenes of the movie) on the coroner's table, was the only interesting aspcet of the movie. But the flashback scenes involving him and his wife seemed rushed and perfunctory...parang nilagay lang just for the sake na merong backstory to explain Jigsaw's motivations...wala lang...for me, the attempt at evoking sympathy for Jigsaw was unsuccessful...I prefer to see him as a sadistic psychopath who masks his inner cravings to see people suffer with supposedly benevolent intentions...making people suffer because "it's for their own good" haha now that's neat...

All in all, I think the "Saw" franchise should've ended with saw 3. Saw 4 may be a much needed conclusion to Jigsaw's story, but it was a conclusion that could've been made much better. Anyway, may unrated DVD pa naman na lalabas so let's hope it comes out better in that format.

BTW, can't wait to watch "Meet the Spartans"...been watching the trailers and scenes at Youtube and I am LMFAO hahahaha maski moronic ang movie basta makatawa lang OK na!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Metaphor and a few stray thoughts...

writing a research paper is like solving a Rubik's cube...

you know all the pieces should fit somehow...the problem is going about and rearranging all the facts to form a whole...

Imagining: Ma'am Diokno's specter looming over my shoulder...screaming "Contrary Evidence! Contrary Evidence!" like a rabid banshee...


Saw a dead cat on the street...fresh roadkill...the f*cking driver probably never cared for the poor creature he ran over...wish he'll slam into a pole or a cement barrier in quezon avenue...karma, karma...

to-DAY es ash wens-DAY...what's on the menu? Pork Bar-B-Q, Afritada...model Catholic indeed...

kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111 kas111

incoherence stops here

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Karma is a Bitch...Thank you Bitch!

I believe I speak for every decent citizen of Las Islas Filipinas when I say "We've waited a LOOOOOONG time for this..."

image courtesy of

Tumatalab pa rin pala ang Karma! Yahooooooo!

Maski ngarag ako ngayon sa research, biglang gumaan ang aking feeling...Though from what I've heard...Rep. Nograles isn't exactly the messianic type whose elevation as Speaker will usher in a whole new era of change...hay naku, we'll just have to wait and see if the new Speaker turns out to be the same old kamote...

Pero for now mga kababayan...SAVOR THIS MOMENT! The Mighty do fall!

Monday, February 4, 2008

One Reason to stay up late when I was in high school...

a tv series about serial killers, a detective who can "see" through the killers' eyes, an organization shrouded in mystery, the impending apocalypse, and this...the opening theme never fails to give me goosebumps hehehe

series was created by the same person who created the "X-Files" another 90's TV classic. Love! Love!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nahilo ako sa "Cloverfield"!

the giant alien in the movie looks like a monster in Dungeon Siege II -- you know, one of those lurking around Zaramoth's Horns?

the approach in presenting the story is not new. the "Blair Witch Project" also made use of the "this is the footage from some video camera we found somewhere where in the characters die and this is like their last few moments" technique. (although in cloverfield, one of them survives.)

J.J. Abrams does a good job of telling a "human" story despite its setting being a bit fantastical. (think "Alias", and his take on the "Mission Impossible" franchise)
The movie did not appeal to most of the people in the cinema I wastched in. Most were going "Yun lang?" or "'di ko naintindihan yung film..." and we wonder why thought-provoking films with avant-garde techniques don't quite sell here in Las Islas Filipinas.

I was amused about the sign posted outside the cinema explaining that since the film was shot using handheld cameras, some footage might cause nausea. Cloverfield was a visual rollercoaster all right...