Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Te Quiero...

if we will be required to present a song in Span 11. Eto yung ipepresent ko. wahahahaha

"Te Quiero Puta" by Rammstein

Ano kaya magiging reaction ni Sir?

I Want to Sleep

or you could also call this post "Manila by...Early Morning" hahaha

fetched my cousin Nang Jane from NAIA yesterday afternoon. She was supposed to catch a 4:35 PM flight to Bacolod yesterday...

that's an emphasis on supposed...

na-delay ng isang oras yung flight niya from Bahrain thus she didn't make her scheduled flight to Bacolod. Ang ending sinamahan ko siya sa pension house para antayin yung flight niya at 5:15 AM this morning.

But it was a good time to catch up with Nang Jane after two years...napuyat kami sa kakakuwento hahaha

I'm thankful that my cousin was able to work for good, decent folk in Lebanon. I am now thankful that she's on her way back home to spend Christmas with her family.

As for me, I'm currently holed up in a 24-hour internet cafe at Philcoa - composing this post and waiting for the clock to strike 7 AM. Para hindi ko mabulabog ang kapayapaan sa bahay nina Doktora. hahahaha

Seen and heard on a Bus going to Philcoa:

A B-movie action film entitled "US Seals," made by God-knows-what production outfit hahaha. Natawa ako sa mga lines na sinasambit ng mga actors, to wit:

US Seal # 1 :"Shoot the truck!"

US Seal # 2: "I'm shooting the fucking truck!"

US Seal # 1: "No, shoot THAT truck!"

final confrontation ng bida at ng contrabida, siyempre may speechfest:

Contrabida: "I'm gonna tear off your jaw and shit down your fucking windpipe!"

Bida: "Shut the fuck up!" (sabay sugod)

hahahahaha nawala yung antok ko sa bus...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it over?

Haaay tapos na sina Otis, Schurman, at Manuel.

On to other things that indirectly concern me (connection is mostly due to sentimental reasons hehe):

I do hope the "war" is over...but hearing of THAT incident resulted in two reactions on my part:

"hmmmm...assuming it's true...why am I not surprised?"

"WTF? the drama came after? when I was there the drama happened BEFORE things got going!" (but not on THAT volume - este - scale)

Ano ba yan? idaan na lang yan sa mabuting sigawan - este - iyakan - este - usapan, ano ba yan?

File this one under: ulihi sa balita/tsismis and waay labot pero ga-comment hehehe

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thank you to Messrs. Otis and Schurman for giving me a very eventful weekend. Sa wakas natapos na rin ang mga book reviews. Powerpoint presentation na lang but that would be a breeze compared to crafting the two papers. Whew!

A sidenote to champions and "second placers":

Sa mga nagdaog, be magnanimous in defeat (pangita dictionary para mabal-an ang meaning), sa mga "second placers," it's not the end of the world.

To the champion: get to have bragging rights but that would just last until the next Sportsfest - where you would have to defend your place as "king of the hill."

To the second placer: be content with the fact that you have done you're best. Don't believe that song by Linkin Park because oftentimes it's not the destination that matters but the journey. asus...

To everybody: hagan-hagan lang sa name-calling kag padayaw. though the cyber bulletins could afford you a degree of anonymity (and thus a degree of courage)know your limits. wala na na puntos nga dugang sa tally board.

Kung may reklamo man gihapon, isaka sa Korte Suprema, sa ICJ, sa CHR, pero hopefully indi maglab-ot sa CLMMRH...kung gusto niyo sosyal sa Riverside ta...

All in all, Sportsfest lang ina mga bata, it's not World War III. Get over it quickly kay in a few weeks may exams naman kamo...for all it's worth, hope you had fun. And since Christmas is just around the corner, start spreading the love - not the vitriol. (dictionary liwat...)

baw, daw ka-relate gid kuno...hahaha

Friday, November 21, 2008

Anything Yet?

I'm currently working on my review of Maj. Gen. Elwell Otis' Report on the U.S. Military operations covering the American Occupation and Phil-American War.

I've finished about a quarter of my book review.

I'm waiting for inspiration to kick in again, thus the intermittent web browsing and blogging...hehe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Engrish Ito

Do you speaking Engrish correct? and writing? too be seeing below pictures (samples of the very many to find at website original) shall laughing start very much...please enjoy yourself too much

Photos getting from webpage Visit to click here.

It is indeed a challenge to translate another language into English given the unique conventions of each language. But, as the above photos show, the many attempts to do so result into some - uh - peculiar messages...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hahaha...retrong-retro kaya ang mga movies ngayon...pati G.I. Joe may movie na...para akong bata ulit nito...hahahaha

Monday, November 17, 2008

WTF? The Greatest Prank Call Ever?

This could be considered a "reverse" prank call since it's the recipient who's setting up the caller - in this case a hapless telemarketer.

I was impressed at how the prankster, Tom Mabe, managed to hold himself together throughout the set-up. Listen closely to the unfortunate telemarketer as he goes from surprised, intimidated, to just plain owned...hahaha

Saturday, November 15, 2008

WTF? Blizzcon 08

Fellow gamers, I hereby treat you to some girl-on-girl action...

Wholesome tayo...wholesome tayo...hehehe

Actually, these pretty ladies are representatives from their respective elven tribes. The one on the left is an archer from the Night Elf tribe while the one on the right is a Blood Elf.

More pics from the 2008 Blizzcon here

Judging from the pictures, it would seem that the World of Warcraft dominated Blizzcon. But there were also appearances from allies from the Starcraft and Diablo realms such as Zerg Queen Kerrigan and a certain hooded Archangel. hmmmmmm...

Quotable Quotes (?)

My Anthro Prof -- while he was introducing himself to the class and describing his academic background and interests:

"My MA Thesis was on the communist movement in the Cordillera region. I did 5 years of participant observation and research: four years with the communist movement, one year in jail."

My Span Prof -- he was letting us practice the jota sound, which is a 'nasty,' throaty sound (like clearing one's throat of phlegm) Span prof approached a classmate, who was clearly a member of El Federacion, and told him to demonstrate the sound for us, saying:

"Etong isang 'to...siguradong gamit na ang lalamunan nito..."

Span prof often would spew out some crude, but cute, jokes. He always has a caveat whenever he lets loose a few of his double entendres:

"Wholesome tayo...wholesome tayo..."

Coming from a guy who seem to be fixated with the word puerta...

Something that my former Kas Prof talked about in class actually helped me in my Span class. I was the only one who was able to answer the question: Donde esta en España La Nuestra Señora de la Macarena?

Buti na lang kinuwento ni Prof yung bakasyon niya sa Espanya...hehehe

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ginadumtan...parte dos

Ari pa gid isa gali...saw it a few weeks ago at Powerbooks Trinoma. I always leave bookstores with either a feeling of exhiliration or regret.

The Collected Plays of Euripides. I can't recall the exact title but it's a collection of the surviving tragedies written by Euripides. I am so looking forward to reading them again, especially Trojan Women - which in my opinion is the most tragic of all tragedies. If Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus is the "perfect" tragedy, then Trojan Women is the "tragic" tragedy. I remember reading it years ago...the raw emotions evoked by the play left me reeling. Basta, bumilib ako kay Euripides after reading Trojan Women.

But the book price was way beyond my capabiliy at this moment. It's the Moses Hadas translation so I know maganda ang pagkakatranslate nito.

I am dying to get my hands on this one since it would complete my collection of Greek dramatists. Aeschylus - present...Sophocles - present...Aristophanes - Euripides na lang ang kulang.

Kung hahayaan ko lang ang sarili ko na bumili nang bumili nang libro baka mamatay ako sa gutom. hahahaha

Translating Pebi's maxim into la lengua española - "comprar un libro es mas importante que comer" short, libro muna bago lamon Ayos!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


May book sale sa FC...

May mga libro nga nami...

Galeng mahal...

Hulaton ko ang last day sang sale para bagsak presyo ang mga libro na ini...

Collected works of Virgil - kay ang Aeneid ko wala gin-uli sang naghulam. grrrrrr....

Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

Machiavelli's The Prince (actually may ara na ko ini) together with Hobbes' Leviathan (amo ni ang wala ko hehe)

kung may budget pa dalasa ang iban na libro...

The Philosophy of Right, The Philosophy of History by W.G.F. Hegel

The Collected Works of Milton (upod ang Paradise Lost)

Plutarch's Lives

Andaman lang sang mga libro nga ini sa Biyernes...todas gid kamo hehe

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cold Turkey

I was holed up in the boarding house for the whole day. I finally resurrected my Kas 226 notes and I was earnestly poring over my initial drafts. Going over my notes and drafts and trying to resume my writing where I left off last time was frustrating work.


I would be going over the section on the formulation of US policy during the Japanese Occupation when a stray thought would intrude...

Level 53 na yung wizard ko sa Cabal...ano ba yung quest na makakakuha ka ng map ng Port Lux? least nakarating na ako ng Port Lux...cute ng character ko in Bluestin Martial set...anong klaseng creeps ba meron sa Port Lux?....

Sandali! Sandali! SANDALEEEEEEEEE!

Focus...focus...focus where was I? Oh yes, 'asan na ba yang lintik na copy ko ng Potsdam Declaration...

It was a challenge to focus and get my brain "jump-started" or "reoriented" to academic pursuits once again. Hangover ng sembreak.

Pwede ring withdrawal symptoms ng Cabal addiction.


Thank goodness, I still had my iron resolve...I managed to push through with rearranging my outline and editing a few portions of my essay. I didn't want to over exert myself since I know parang naninibago pa ako. hehe

It was already an achievement on my part that I managed to go through a whole day without paying a visit to Desert Scream, Green Despair, Bloody Ice, and Port Lux...

Sembreak's over. Dapat yan ang itatak natin sa utak natin. Huwaw.

Pero every Sunday balik tayo ng Desert Scream. Na-schedule na 'yan. hehehehe

Sharing -- isn't it a virtue?

Ano ba yan mga brethren...

Monks brawl at Christian holy site. Apparently, a lot of things are still unresolved between the various Christian sects in Jerusalem.

Ang gulo nyo! Mahiya kayo kay Lord!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WTF?! Touch my Body?

Dios mio...ka-tropa ni "Ken Lee"?...wahahahahahaha

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Foo Fighters

The band fronted by Dave Grohl, former Nirvana drummer, occassional cross-dresser. hahaha

This is a video of one of their more recent singles entitled "Everlong," directed by *gasp* Michel Gondry?! Wohooooooo!

Eto ang sinasabi kong crossdressing. Two videos. The first is "Big Me" their earliest hit during the 90s. The video is a parody of the Mentos commercials.

And this, "Learn to Fly," where the band played various characters. Special appearance by Tenacious D...

Read from Right to Left

Napilitan akong magbasa ng manga ng Bleach kasi ang BAGAAAAAAAL ng anime.

Though the lag is understandable since the battle over the fake Karakura town didn't even reach the halfway point in the manga...the animators are milking every single second of the extended episode recap of the previous episode (na halos kalahati ng current episode), flashback, and extreme closeup with dramatic music para makahabol ang manga sa anime.

Bilisan nyo na kasi eh...

Para akong batang pumapalakpak sa bawat eksena wahahahaha I never knew that I could be enraptured once again by the magic of the comic book.

But now I know how the story unfolds, I can't wait to see it rendered into animated action. Go Ichigo! Go Ulquiorra Fischer! Sandali,parang mali yata...

Basta! Go,go,go!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Five-word summary of today's enrolment:

Maganda mood ni Sir Llanes.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seen and Heard

On a UP-Philcoa jeepney --

It took me a while to notice that manong had something in his bayong. A puppy was carefully nestled within the man's bayong and only its head was poking out, staring intently at its surroundings. Manong would gently stroke the puppy's head to calm it down, as it was struggling to free itself from the confines of the bayong. haha Siguro naiinitan at nasisikipan...ginawa siyang manok...

Online at Jupiter --

Partied (korek ba 'tong gamit ko ng partied? hehe)with a blader in Desert Scream and we were making the rounds racking up exp points. One of his messages struck me as a bit odd, though...

"loor muna bago kill"

and the blader kept repeating it over and over again while we were engaging the mob...

Napaisip ako kung ano ang ibig niyang sabihin ng "LOOR"...was it a wizard skill? an acronym perhaps? teka...L-O-O-R...Lightning...Orb?...Of...Refreshment?! Parang mali yata.

Then I was observing what she (the blader character was female, but who knows what gender the actual player was) was doing. She was provoking the creeps around her with one shot or a strike, letting the Archionises, Architerices (plural ng Architeryx?), and Clay Gargolyes chase after her. Then it struck me...

LOOR pala was LURE....Dios mio...

So I typed back --



Isa pa from Jupiter --

This archer character was a real asshole. Hindi naman niya quest and Architeryx+ pero nakikisawsaw. Eh paisa-isa lang kung magspawn ang monster na yan. at ang kunat pa. I was asking kung pwede muna ako lang dyan sa may spawning point, or at least he could leave the Architeryx+ alone and let me deal with it. Ang reply ng kumag:

"Wala akong paki. hahahaha"

This remark irked me since when I'm doing quests and I find a fellow gamer waiting for the same creature kinakausap ko muna regardIng the details of his quest. Kung lamang siya ng kills or items, pinapaubaya ko muna sa kanya para matapos na siya kaagad. I just come back later. Just common courtesy to your fellow gamers, di ba?

I was getting fed up with him and I was thinking of challenging him to a duel. Apparently pareho din pala ang iniisip ng gago. So I accepted his duel request. I was a bit confident about my skills since my previous two duels ended in victories -- isang wizard at isang archer ang natalo ko. Eh archer yung loko. Kaso mas mataas pala level ng gago. So patay ako. hahahaha

I spent a few minutes mobbing at the vicinity. Coming back to the spawn point, lokong archer was no longer there, but a force blader was there. This time he also had the Architeryx+ quest.

Request uli ako. Eh siya, dalawang Architeryx+ pa lang ang napapatay. Ako 18 na, kulang ng dalawa para macomplete ko yung quest.

Ayaw din ng kumag na mag-give way. Medyo hambog din yung loko... Since I know olats ako sa mga melee characters, I was unwiling to entertain any duel requests. hehe

So ang ending nakipag-unahan kaming pumatay ng Architeryx+. Malas ni blader at bigla siyang nag-lag so nakumpleto ko yung quest ko. Message ko sa kanya...

"Thanx sa yo na yang lahat!"

Gusto ko pa sanang dagdagan ng "...hayup ka!" pero hindi na hehe. Let's not stoop to their level.

D'You Know What I Mean

A song from the British band Oasis, a.k.a. Beatles Version 2.0 (?)

daw mga sa piho! hahahahahaha

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Masters of Horror

Halloween post po ito so beware -- disturbing content follows.

During my laptop hiatus I dug up my long-ignored VCD/DVD player and resurrected my viewing list. My list was a bit macabre since it includes the first season of Dexter. The serial killer of serial killers. The most unforgettable scene was the hotel room flooded with human blood. Yummy...

Next DVD on the list was Masters of Horror Season 1 -- an anthology of stand-alone movies directed by some of the most famed horror movie directors ever. grabe...

I only watched five episodes of the series since my DVD player conked out and started rejecting every disc I placed in it. Nasiraan yata ng bait sa mga pingasasasaksak ko sa kanya. hehehe

Here's a brief description of the five episodes I watched. May konting review pa yan ha...disturbing content po mga kids...

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road -

para siyang slasher flick. complete with damsel in distress and lots of takbuhan and habulan.

In a dark forest.

at night.

and I should add that our damsel in distress progressively sheds a bit of clothing as the episode wears on. hmmm...

the flashbacks regarding the protagonist's actions a few hours before the 'incident' was a nice touch. here we get to see her meeting the man of her dreams, falling in love, boinking like crazy inside a cabin in the torrential rain, and getting tips on survival from her hubby (who was the BF a few seconds earlier in the flashback, basta) who happened to be a survival freak.

So that's why damsel in distress becomes female version of MacGyver?...hmmmm...

The husband-survivalist was nowhere to be seen during the course of the events in the dark forest. The antagonist was a deformed, semi-retarded hulk of a creature. This element in the story was a bit of a stretch for me, as when the creature first made its appearance i went, "now wait a f*cking minute.."

anyway, this is horror, so whatevs...

Fave scene: the eye drilling. Complete with sirens pa yan ha? Yaaaaagh!

The twist in the end was good, though a bit contrived...but still good. The eye drilling made up for the flaws in the film. wahehehehehe

Dreams in the Witch-House This one was based on a story by the classic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. If it's Lovecraft, it must be good. If it's Lovecraft, there should be a rat...

A rat with a human face...

Grad student takes residence in a room that becomes a portal to his worse nightmares. Beginning to lose his grip on reality, he slowly succumbs to the wiles of the witch who crosses the borders between time and space to make him an instrument to an unspeakable sacrifice.

Long story short. naked woman morphs into an old lady. man keeps banging his head on a table while chanting in Latin. Grad student gets progressively neurotic. rat-with-human-face gnaws a baby to death. Grad student gets gnawed to death by rat-with-human face.

Fave scene: Grad student writhes in agony as rat gnaws his insides. Rat emerges from his belly. Blood. Blood. Blood.

Dance of the Dead. From the opening credits I had high hopes for this movie. Robert Englund, a.k.a. Freddy Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street stars. With music by - ehem - Billy Corgan! Wohoooooo!

Pero olats yung movie. There was NOTHING horrific about this one. The dead becoming reanimated and subjected to a weird dancing ritual wherein they are poked with electric rods wasn't horror-inspiring for me. It was weirdly comic to say the least. The mother-daughter, post-apocalyptic backstory wasn't a bit interesting, as I fast-forwarded through the most part of the film. I was looking for a BC cameo, but...wait! was that him singing in the bar?

Fave scene? wala. runner-up yung scene where guests in a birthday party become exposed to a chemical which makes their skin rot. The dancing dead scenes were a bit pathetic. Mas weird yung scene where a zombie was giving Robert Englund's character a blowjob. haha

Jenifer. This one so far takes the cake of all the episodes I've seen.

What are the ingredients of a good horror film?

Grossly deformed female protagonist, of suspicious - uh - humanity? check.

A male character, preferably a figure of authority. preferably a cop...check.

Furious, animalistic, softporn grade sex. with breast exposure...check.

A cat, a little girl, a middle aged man and a teenage boy being eviscerated and their guts feasted upon by deformed female protagonist? check.

In the boy's case, buhay pa siya habang kinakain yung bituka nya. Yaaaaagh!


Pwede ditong mag-star yung mga loveteams in the Pinoy movies. There is an undertone of romance in this movie that I found intriguing. There was not much horror elements to the story. and the only gory scene here was when the woman slit her lover's belly open with a knife, but even if the gory bits were toned down, this movie could still stand pretty much on solid footing on its premise that a man could fall in love with a woman even without meeting her.

I recommend listening to Bjork's I Miss You while viewing this film. Magkapareho ang premise ng movie at ang lyrics ng kanta ni Bjork hehe

A man starts to experience episodic blackouts in which he begins to live through the sense of a woman whom he had never met before. It started with a taste of chocolate, then the sound of classical music amidst a cacophonous rock performance. Then the man begins to see what the woman sees, feel what she feels.

Imagine a guy experiencing sex as a woman. Ika nga ng lalake after he snaps back to his reality -- "Jesus Christ!"

The wildlife expert from the TV series Eureka costars as the male protagonists co-worker, and frustrated rocker -- with a fake mohawk. hahaha

The episodes I'm looking forward to...

The Fair Haired Child. Beware the fair-haired child. woooooooooh...

Cigarette Burns. Snuff film stars an angel. movie drives men crazy. make them poke things, and cut off things...

Imprint. By the incomparable Takashi Miike! hindi ko pa napanood ito but knowing Takashi Miike, this is one hell of a movie...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Happy Halloween...