Friday, May 30, 2008


One word: OUCH! hahahahahahahaha!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Historian!

Ayan kasi...pinag-interesang ibenta ang mga makasaysayang dokumento. Nabuking, nahuli, ngayon kalaboso ka! Wala kang galang sa kasaysayan...Magdusa Ka! Bwahahahahahaha!

Historian found guilty of stealing Katipunan documents article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer website

My Neighbor Totoro

I had the opportunity to purchase Hayao Miyazaki's classic anime movie "My Neighbor Totoro" and I couldn't have made a better decision in my life -- apart from taking graduate studies and taking up education as a course in college, hehe...

What could've been a simple story of a family moving into a new home and adjusting to a new life in an idyllic, rural setting gets a boost with stunning visuals, a sensitive treatment of the characters, and the addition of forest spirits that look like a cat-bear-rabbit hybrid.

The movie was quite an experience for me. The moment Mei saw those pointed ears emerging from the grass, I was completely lost in Miyazaki's vision. Miyazaki-san made me feel like I'm seven years old again -- looking at the world with eyes of innocence and wonder. Maybe Totoro, the dust bunnies, and even Neko-bus were Miyazaki's metaphor for childrens' lost wonder -- their innocence that enables them to look beyond the mundane and see the dustbunnies lurking in the dark corners of an abandoned home, spy the pointy ears of a woodland sprite as it tries to sneak past you like a tiptoeing ghost, and wonder if the great gust of wind that blows with such force could be something more...

Here's a clip from that amazing movie. This scene got me chuckling like crazy...the Neko(Cat) bus' entry was literally a jawdropper for me...

I soooo loved the expression on Totoro's face as he was standing beside Satsuki.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remember Lordi?

Of course you don't. hehe I just heard of news that the new winner of Eurovision 2008is a Russian singer who, in his performance during the finals night, featured a violinist playing a Stradivarius and an Olympic ice-skater performing his stunts on stage. Talk about production value -- and high camp value of course...

Never been too familiar with Eurovision, myself. I know that it's an annual singing contest which features contestants coming from several European countries. I think ABBA performed once, and Celine Dion, and that Israeli woman whose one song was featured in Voyage...but I digress...

The only time that I got interested in this contest was the entry of an unlikely contender from Finland in 2006. Usually Eurovision features songs that could be considered the epitome of cheesiness. Consider the titles: "Save your Kisses for Me", "Diggi-Lo, Diggi-Ley", "Love Shine A Light", "Take Me To Your Heaven", etc. And that's just the songs that have Engish titles or feature English lyrics...

Now, back to 2006. Finland presents: LORDI!

Hahahahahahaha the vid looks like a clip from a bad 80s horror movie. Cheesy acting, not-too-good directing, simplistic camera angles...and the song -- WTF? Everything about this song seemed to be so bad but the thing that got me hooked on this band is their novelty...they're like that one dark spot on an immaculate pure white canvas. You'll never fail to notice them...with their horns and freakish prosthetics, I'll bet that'll catch everybody's attention.

And true enough, Lordi won Eurovision's their performance during the finals -- enough with the flag-waving already! hahahaha where do I begin with this? Members of the Undead Scourge embark on a rock career? What's with the axe-microphone? Is the makeup -- permanent?

I could just imagine the propsman who made the fold-out wings going "I made that sh*t!". That, and the pyrotechnics are I believe a fitting climax to a performance that I could only describe (charitably) as out-of-this-world.

After 2006, it was back to usual pop tunes for Eurovision. In this contest, Lordi was more the exception that the rule.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Thank you, Lord!

Thank you, Sir Teodoro!

Thank you, Father Arcilla!



Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Wicked Inner Voice: SM Fairview and Robinson's

I don't know what got into me but it seems that I have experienced another bout of wanderlust...or wala na talaga akong magawa dito sa Quezon City. I decided to take a trip and check out SM Fairview. Here is my 'itinerary of thoughts' from said trip...

1. 24 pesos ang pamasahe?! what the f*ck? 'eto po yung bayad kuya...

2. 30 minutes into the jeepney ride: saan na ba ako? if I were traveling in Negros I would've reached Victorias City by now...ang tagal naman ng biyahe...the trip took about 45 minutes and my buttocks went to sleep...

3. Seeing SM Fairview for the first time: OK...parang matandang mall na kinabitan ng bagong extension.... hehehe

4. Inside SM Fairview: Parang SM Bacolod ang lay-out ng first floor! Pati foodcourt parehong-pareho! Makabili nga ng iced tea dito...

5. Transferring myself to Robinson's: Liked the lay-out of the first floor...mas maliwanag at maaliwalas kesa positive review didn't extend to the second floor, however...Ano 'to? bentahan ng pirated bags and shoes? If SM Fairview ground floor was like SM Bacolod, Rob Fairview's second floor was like Gaisano City Bacolod second floor fairness, mas nami ang Gaisano Bacolod

6. If walking around two malls in one day qualifies oneself for a walkathon, baka nakasali na ako sa Olympics ngayon. Hala, sige! lakad ditch! lakad!

7. Scorecard: SM Fairview - 1, Robinson's - 0

8. If one wishes to go back to the heart of Quezon in the blistering heat, it is recommended to take the FX taxis waiting outside of both malls. What is NOT recommended is to seat oneself between two ladies with sweaty armpits...

9. Exiting the taxi at Trinoma Malls: Now THIS is more like it! hehehehe

10. Final thoughts: The trip was fun. Curiosity satisfied. I am never coming back there. Never...


Never been a fan of Street Fighter. Never even played the game (except maybe Chun-Li, whom I always pair with Gambit when I play MARVELvsCAPCOM, but nevertheless, I suck at video games). But this vid got me choking back laughter in the early hours of the morning...

BTW, I've been looping Filmstar by Suede on my laptop for nearly an hour...WTF?!


searching for Milla Jovovich vids landed me with this: a musical performance by Bjork in an event called 'Fashion Rocks'-- an annual event held, as far as I could gather from the other vids, in England and features the world's top designers and the most renowned (or in some cases, most sikat for the moment) musical acts...

browsing through the comments on the vid on Youtube, I stumbled upon one fan that said that this performance was "the bjorkest bjork moment ever!!!" hahahahaha kelan pa naging adjective si Bjork? at ginawa pang superlative!

Oh, BTW...

Friday, May 23, 2008


Sugilanon means to reason or a debate, root word sugid (to speak, to tell or sometimes to brag) [ditch's lame attempt to become an Ilonggo dictionary hehe]

I often take time to visit my friends' blogs on cyberspace (refer to links at the left). But it is with lenard's blog that I found some bits and pieces to react to.

His post on the constitution and its provisions regarding foreign ownership of capital has sparked an interesting discussion between us in the comments section of his blog. We often have diverse views on the subjects but so far the exchanges have been civil and informative. Walang away, sugilanon lang ah...

Wanna join in the discussion? here's the link:

The Playlist in My Head

They're looping in my brain right now...

1. Filmstar by Suede

2. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

3. Malibu by Hole

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mierda! Que Se Joda!

por que no puedo entrar una clase en español? POR QUE?! unas clases estan cerrados. esas clases abiertos no puedo porque hay muchos conflictos con mis otros cursos. Que horror!

Mierda! Leche! Puñeta! Que se joda!

no quiero tomar una clase en español para este semestre!
Bahala na. I'll make do with my fractured Spanish for now. I'll have a talk with the department chair about this travesty very soon...Grrrrrrrr

I'll miss Ma'am Luna...huhuhu

Respite, Reflections

I have just passed my final paper for Kas 297. It was a moment to reunite with my classmates -- some of whom I won't be seeing again. One thing I've learned in graduate studies is that acquaintances are often fleeting. From what I could observe based on my limited exposure to graduate classes (Kas 297 was my first graduate course), it is rare for MA students to share a lot of classes.

Looking back at my first school year in UP, I marvel at the 'uniqueness' of the experience that I have had. I often joke that my first year here in UP was my 'feeling freshman' year since I and a few other MA students had to take 18 units of undergraduate classes. So I found myself mixed up with the graduates and the freshies, and the oldies hehe. But the experience enabled me to gain a few friends and have a glimpse of the world that is UP.

We were strangers sharing the initial experience of the academic environment of UP. We bore the brunt of readings, researches, critiques, and exams. We lent each other words of concern, silent encouragement, friendly opinions and critiques. In a sense, we were each molding each other to become better...

But the stark realities of life soon meant that some of my MA 'batchmates' would bid farewell to graduate studies. The first to go were jorgette (jet) and kathy. Bert and Kristelle were unable to continue during the second semester.

But departures often give way to new opportunities. New personalities would soon come into the picture and into my life here in UP. From simple seatmates during second semester Kas 199.2 class, I soon found myself a member of a clique consisting of Ate Dayang, Ate Luwalhati, Regina, Jun, Carlo and Ate Angie.

Ate Dayang quit her PhD studies for the time being while Jun, as far as I could tell, just plain quit. Regina became a sort of surrogate younger sister to me, I consider myself her 'cheering squad' -- often yelling "No more I-N-C! No more I-N-C!" -- moderating her prodigal ways hehehe. Regina is currently undecided whether she is to continue with her studies. Carlo was the epitome of the young teacher when I first met him and we often exchange 'war stories.'I often commisserate with his hardships. I expect him to be back this semester, hopeully...

The one relationship that bore fruit was with Ate Angie. From seatmate, to part-time confidante, enrollment assistant -- now I am godfather to her second child. Nagka-ihado ko di sa Manila -- no, not in Manila -- in Kalinga! :) But I won't call her Kumare, nasanay na ako sa Ate Angie hehe

But aside from the adventures of establishing inter-personal relations, other challenges came my way too. I have been on this roller-coaster ride of experiences in this whole new world that is the University of the Philippines. Like the blog pic suggests, it seems that I have strayed into a wormhole and got shot into some far-flung region of the universe.

Having survived here for a year might mean that I'm made of sterner stuff indeed. But I always have this caveat tacked onto my mind that I should never, ever be complacent given that so far my grades have been a parade of 1's (1-point-somethings ah hehe). The fact that I have gained my first INC here means that this is already a new playground. The professors here mean business. And brilliant people could still --and do -- fail in UP.

What I can say is that this one year has been a turning point in my life. And the richness of the experiences I have had here, for better or for worse, have given me new personal insights as well as realizations regarding life in general. It would seem that I came here to study History but I learned so much more...

And so as I handed in my Kas 297 paper, It's as if I am closing one chapter of this experience, this Stand Alone Complex, and I now await for the next episode to unfold.

There will be new challenges. There will be new opportunities. There will be more moments of joys, sadness, stress, worries, and triumphs. Life goes on...

This is My Stand Alone Complex on it's Second Gig...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The End is Nigh...

Say goodbye to the old jeepney less than an hour, the jeepney fare increase takes effect...

It's like New Year is approaching but the feeling is more of dread than anticipation...fireworks, anyone?

Can anybody still remember the time when jeepney fare for students in Bacolod used to be P 1.25? I can. I'm old. hehe

Miss the good old times...leche.

Another One Bites the Dust

Philippine Inquirer website reports on the death of Anakpawis representative Crispin Beltran.

I'm beginning to suspect that Mini-Me has the aid of malevolent powers since it seems that her critics or opponents often fall ill or die. The cirsumstances of Rep. Beltran's death, if you believe in the occult, seems too convenient(or conveniently accidental). Am I starting a conspiracy theory here?

Lintik na powers of sorcery 'to! Goodness gracious...ilabas na ang mga anting-ating, amulets, holy relics, circles of protection and warding charms mga kapatid! Matindi ang kamandag ng pwersa ng kadiliman...


Close encounters with the familiar kind...

back again after less than a year, Corazon and I meet to play catch up. But this time she has her banahon, Quinn, with her. We met at Gerry's Grill for lunch and I actually was looking forward to the chatter -- thinking that I'd get a chance to hear English spoken Australian-style.

But Quinn was not your "typical Australian". And I actually had a good time chatting with him. Note to self: Brush up on Australian history and current events, hehe. It was a chance to get to know "Cozi" from another source. Realizing how much a friend changes -- and how some things never change with them -- gives me great happiness.

Cozi, Ik-ik, Corazon...the person who brought about my "downfall"...the original Bad blessing in disguise hahahahaha

I could never wrap my mind around the fact that we became friends despite the blatant disparities in personality, background, and outlook in life. Maybe it was the Music that came in the form of the tapes and CDs you were lending me? Maybe it was those moments wherein I was doing things I am NOT supposed to do but I ended up doing and enjoying nevertheless? Maybe it was the fact that your circle of friends and my circle of friends are poles apart that bringing you into my circle was supposed to be a bad decision on my part? Maybe that's what friendship is...who knows?

What I know is that there are no regrets on my part...thank you, Ik.

BTW, I'm in heaven right now -- listening to the Music again...courtesy of you-know-who...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Heard this song on Philip Ganza's friendster account. Didn't know that Alanis made a cover of the Black Eyed Peas song "My Humps." But Alanis had a different interpretation of the song...

Actually, I found her version weeeird hehe. I suspect she's trying to pull a Tori Amos with this one. Here is Tori Amos with her cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for comparative purposes...

Truth be told, I appreciate Alanis' effort but Tori Amos had the better take. It's always difficult to render pop tunes into melodic, somber tunes -- weird, pero mas madaling gawing mellow ang rock tunes...

A 17th Century Tale of Love...and Vengeance (Parte Dos)

para sa mga nakaantabay, ang kasunod na yugto hehe...

From The Manila Galleon, by William Lytle Schurz, New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc, 1959 [revised citation format po ito, baka may magreklamo hehe]

Meanwhile, when the pilot had reached Manila and cleared the 'Santa Rosa' again for Acapulco he left a number of spies commissioned to find La Plana. They searched every recess in the Philippines and carried their hunt overseas to China and Japan, and to Goa [a city in India] and the Moluccas. At last one of the spies found him [La Plana] in Macao, where he had entered the service of the Portuguese. He [the spy] skillfully inveigled him [La Plana] into returning to Manila by representing to him that his crime had been forgotten and by holding out to him the prospect of marriage with a certain rich widow.

The spy accompanied La Plana back to Manila, where he [the spy] informed Galvez, who had returned again from Acapulco, of the success of his search. The 'Santa Rosa' was tied up at Cavite, pending the usual repairs for her next voyage, and the only persons aboard were the pilot [Galvez] and a few watchmen. On the pretext that he was to share in some contraband cargo the spy rowed La Plana across to Cavite and up the side of the galleon. As they climbed to the deck Galvez seized his man and threw him violently to the deck. He then had the spy tie their left hands together for a duel to the death. When this was done he ordered his opponent to draw his dagger and defend himself. After the pilot had stabbed him several times, La Plana managed to free himself in the scuffle and made a dash for the rigging. Galvez climbed after him, his dagger between his teeth, but the wounded man slipped and fell to the deck, breaking his back in the fall.

La Plana was then bundled overboard and into the boat, which Galvez and the spy rowed back to the walled city. It was night when they entered through the postern gate, dragging the form of La Plana after them. They took him to an old house in Calle Rada, the haunt of criminals and broken men. Here they propped him up on a pallet, while Galvez showed him a miniature [portrait?] of Doña Solina. After the doomed man's request for a priest and for water and a surgeon had been denied, he was informed that he had been brought there to die. While Galvez repeated the story of the crime that had prompted his vengeance, he placed the open locket on a chair facing La Plana, where he could not avert his eyes from the portrait.

Here he lingered for three days, the lower half of his body paralyzed by his fall on the ship and always under the eyes of the spy who had tracked him to the Chinese coast. When he died the friars of the 'Misericordia' came and buried him in an obscure spot.

Shortly afterward Galvez piloted the 'Santa Rosa' eastward on his last voyage. At Acapulco he quit the sea forever. For a time he wandered over Mexico as a penitent, visiting one shrine after another, but always returned to Acapulco. Then, one day people found him dead by the grave of Doña Solina, her miniature in his hands, and the monks of San Hipolyto's convent buried him beside her.

Grabe! this story has it all...a tragic romance, multiple locations fitting an epic movie, a protagonist driven by vengeance, a story filled with intrigue, greed, action...kulang na lang screenplay, director, producer, at mga artista to play the lead characters pwede nang movie. My imaginary cast for this imaginary movie includes Antonio Banderas as Guillermo Galvez, Salma Hayek as Solina [I was thinking of putting Penelope Cruz in this role, pero methinks hindi siya bagay sa role ng tragic heroine], Alan Rickman as Sebastian La Plana [loved Rickman in Sweeney Todd, bagay siyang kontrabidang mang-aagaw ng asawa], Gael Garcia Bernal as the spy [para siguradong panonoorin ni Pebi]. Directed by Guillermo del Toro. Screenplay by Neil Gaiman,Pedro Almodovar and Michael Ditchella [kailangan talagang isingit hahahaha]. Inspired by the book The Manila Galleon by William Schurz. Produced by StudioCanal and Miramax para independent ang dating. Filmed in location at Mexico and the Philippines. Kulang na lang title...any suggestions?

Yes Lord -- Este -- Chad, Pala...

Friday, May 16, 2008

A 17th Century Tale of Love...and Vengeance

I am currently halfway through The Manila Galleon by William Schurz. This classic and pioneering work on the Galleon trade is indeed full of surprises because in the midst of the discussions on regional trade and the intricacies of trading during almost 3 centuries...meron pang love story na nasingit si Prof. Schurz...

The story of one of the galleon pilots would rival modern-day soap operas and romantic/tragic/action movies. So here it is...una historia de Señor Geronimo Galvez, vais a leer por favor...

Few pilots saw such a long and honorable service as Geronimo Galvez. Certainly the life of none was more dramatic. Galvez was a native of the ancient coast town of Cartagena and from his early years had followed the sea, first the Mediterranean and later on the Atlantic between Cadiz and the West Indies. There was much Moorish blood in the people of his native city and his own orthodoxy was suspect to the Inquisition. So was that of his young wife, Solina, whose father had died on the rack in the dungeons of the Holy Office, and whose mother had shortly afterwards died of grief.

To escape the vigilance of the inquisitors Galvez and his wife emigrated to New Spain [modern-day Mexico] and after a year in Vera Cruz crossed the country to Acapulco. Thence, in 1689, the pilot took the 'Santa Rosa de Lima' [a galleon ship]across the Pacific to Manila, while Doña Solina remained in Acapulco. For three years there was no threat to their happiness, though the intervals between their reunions were long. Then, in 1692, a young courtier [nobleman] from Madrid, named Sebastian de la Plana, arrived at Acapulco on his way out to the Philippines. While he awaited the sailing of the galleon he stopped at one of the inns at the port. Wandering about the town, he discovered the pilot's wife [Solina] and quickly became infatuated with her. When his advances were rebuffed, La Plana had her seized by ruffians [think typical bad guys in movies] as she was strolling along the shore of the bay and ravished her. Returned to her home she wrote a last letter to her husband, recounting La Plana's attack on her, and within a few days died, whether from grief or poison was never known. Shortly afterward La Plana boarded the west-bound galleon for Manila, and was well at sea when Galvez arrived at Acapulco on the Santa Rosa.

When he heard of the circumstances of his wife's death the pilot swore vengeance on La Plana, whom he considered her murderer. He had a monument raised to Doña Solina's memory in the cemetery at Acapulco and on it had carved the unfinished line: 'I will repay--.' In terror of Galvez' revenge, La Plana, on arriving at Manila, changed his name, grew a beard and had his face altered and scarred by a surgeon in order to conceal his identity.

The story gets interesting once Señor Galvez arrives in Manila in pursuit of La Plana...will Geronimo exact his vengeance on La Plana?

Again, this is a true account based on primary historical sources, hindi po ito scripted hehe. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow...promise...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


one of the best ending themes ever...liked the goth rock, medieval-celtic fusion...

Here's five reasons why I liked this anime:

1. Athletic, lithe women with big swords? YEAH BABY!
2. the graphic violence: decapitation, evisceration, dismemberment, enough slicing and dicing to put any slaughterhouse out of business
3. The over-all medieval feel of the series
4. The series is just like a war movie -- except the warriors are hot babes
5. One story arc almost made me cry -- waaaaaah! the teresa-clare story arc (i think it starts on episode 4) and tell me kung hindi kayo maluha...

I liked this series so much that I spent time browsing through countless search engines before I could find the complete series online. Then I had to suffer through watching videos with french and spanish subtitles dahil wala nang ibang available online (Turns out my fractured spanish is a blessing as it enabled me to comprehend also the french subtitles)

I am SO praying that a second season will push through...kung si Clare pa -- more, more, MORE!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Response to Dmax's 'Strike' Post

Here in Manila it would seem that the strike had mixed results. It is indeed true that oftentimes the ones who bear the brunt of the transport strike are the long-suffering commuters who have nothing to do with the increasing prices of oil and gasoline and other petroleum products.

Sila na gani ang ginabudlayan, madugang pa ang transport strike. hassle...

But before I continue, let us look into the logic of the 'strike' as a weapon of the 'working masses.' The strike was originally conceived in the factories and workhouses as a 'show of force' on the part of the usually disenfranchised and abused workers. The strike is a means to introduce a situation wherein the capitalists shall be forced to bargain with the workers over a certain issue that both sides are arguing over. Indeed, workers have a right to strike and it is also true that the strike has disruptive effects. But this disruption, in my view, is the only means for the workers to air their grievances and get the attention of their employers. A bit Machiavellian, but nevertheless effective.

Applying this concept on the transport sector introduces a host of problems which Dmax has already pointed out in his blog post. The oil executives and the government officials could care less if the drivers would go on strike for eternity. It is the commuters who bear the consequence of this action -- unfortunately for the drivers and transport groups, the ordinary commuter does not hold an influence among the oil companies. The oil companies would blame the invisible and ethereal forces of economics as a reason for the increasing prices, not only of oil and petroleum products, but also other basic commodities. What to do now? declare a strike against economics? against OPEC?

Our nation's transport sector should find new avenues to approach this problem of increasing oil prices. It is clear that suspending operations for several days is not an answer to the greater economic problems besetting our country -- the oil price increase is just symptomatic of this. The fact that here in Quezon City there were some jeepneys still plying their routes despite pleas, even threats directed against them shows that we are all victims of economics -- kailangang bumiyahe dahil walang makakain ang pamilya ng kawawang driver...

The government should not rejoice over the fact that transport strikes have lost their potency. In fact, they should be worried since if our society cannot weather the storms of these turbulent times, the long-suffering Filipino will find ways to make their frustrations, and collective anger known. The 'strike' is one such legal means...I shudder to think of the alternative...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bring It On!

I'm psyching myself up for my presentation on Arcilla in my Kas 297 class. The presentation is set for tomorrow but since there's an announced transport strike on that day, the chances of me presenting my mini magnum opus on schedule are slim

However, no official announcement regarding the suspension of classes has been given as of this moment, thus I'm assuming that tomorrow is D-Day hehe

But be it tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after next, or whenever...




I may not be perfect, but my work is! bwahahahaha! kapaaaal!

Humanda ka Arcilla! Ikaw rin Sir Teodoro! Kayo rin mga kaklase -- mula Batanes hanggang Iligan...hehehehe

Prepare to be astounded --or mortified -- whichever way it goes...basta, humanda kayo!

Friday, May 9, 2008

This Bloke's Got A Point

Fine Speech on Education. Liked the British humor, too.

For Peace

Thanks for coming by. Your visit was a welcome break from the 'usual stuff' here in UP.

I insist that you go to the Mall of Asia -- another venue for exercising the legs hehehe

Good luck in your Senior year and please give my regards to the batch...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


what I'm reading: The Manila Galleon by William Schurz. Marami nang butas kasi almost 50 yrs old na ang libro pero enjoy pa rin (only a history geek will use the word enjoy in this case)

Oldest book I've gotten my hands on: hindi naman book -- National Geographic 1907 issue, INGAAAAAT na ingat ang bata sa paghawak...

what I'm doing: duh! blogging hehe -- mamaya finalize na ang outline ng paper for Arcilla

where I've been: Trinoma -- specifically, the Landmark Foodcourt. Been there twice today

what I've been watching: anime series: Claymore, Chrono Crusade, Fullmetal Panic; live action series: Dexter (yung serial killer ng mga serial killer -- loved the first episode wherein he decapitates his victim with a bone saw. Yaaaaaaagh!)

music I've been listening to this week: playlist ko sa friendster, Rammstein, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Enya (parang ang layo ng last...)

what I'll do after finishing this blog post: ARCILLA, tapos maglalaba ng medyas hahahaha

NO, You Sick Motherf*cker! Don't Throw that Puppy off the Cliff! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Go to Lenard's blog. Read. Watch the Vid. Cry out in indignation. 'nuff said.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reader Participation

something new to the site once again. I'm going to have a quiz for you dear Readers -- just a little something to get your neurons jumpstarted a bit. This quiz shall be about one of my interests -- and since I'm so fed up with historical quizzes (daw masuka na ko di sa history hehe), and I do not think that you'll even fathom my literary and musical knowledge (yabang! hahahahaha), let's try an exercise on anime trivia since it's something all you kids are into these days.

Note: Questions are preceeded by the Name of the Anime from which you can find the answer...bait ko 'no?

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: What is the Motto of the organization NERV? Complete and unexpurgated please!
2. Full Metal Alchemist: Into what chemical did Edward Elric turn the homonculus Sloth into?
3. Full Metal Panic: Exactly how many times did Gauron "die" before he finally died? (confusing?)
4. Ghost in the Shell (the movie): what was the brand of alcoholic beverage that Major Kusanagi was drinking on the boat during the diving sequence? (hapus-hapos!)
5. Ghost in the Shell -- Innocence: how many people were inside the convenience store when Batou was "hacked"?
6. Fate/Stay Night: When Archer was defeated by Berserker, Archer's body and clothing disappeared, leaving only what?
7. Chrono Crusade: Who was the first peson whom Joshua petrified when he was given Chrno's horn's?
8. D Gray Man: How many cross-shaped scars are there on Tyki Mikk's forehead?
9. Claymore: FILL IN THE BLANKS. When a Claymore releases ____ percent of her yoki, her body distorts.
10: Ghost Fighter: SHORT ESSAY. In the Filipino dub, the character Kurama (Dennis) underwent a strange metamorphosis from his initial introduction to the series (the "Mirror" episode) and his later appearances in the succeeding episodes. What was different about the Dennis of the Mirror episode and the Dennis of the succeeding episodes? (esep-esep)

Post your answers in the comments section of this blog post. DO NOT POST THEM ANYWHERE ELSE or else they will be considered forfeit. The first to get all TEN questions right is the WINNER.

I'll still ponder on what prize I shall bestow on the lucky winner. But still, JOIN NA! You'll never know what prize(s) await you. Don't let this chance to make yabang your anime knowledge pass you by! Maari mong ipagmayabang ang achievement na ito sa mga apo mo! hahaha

Buena Suerte Pebi!

although late na ang post na ito at medyo hindi na aabot prior to the interview...

GOODLUCK SA INTERVIEW! Kaya mo yan! hahahaha astound them with your intellectual prowess and bravado! bwahahaha

kung hindi na kaya ng powers, eto isang "finishing move" courtesy of Sharon Stone...

Maybe they'll ask you about the prevailing problem of drug dependency in modern-day society -- or maybe the Gucci Gang -- so pati linya ni Sharon Stone applicable? hehehehe

Monday, May 5, 2008

Multitasking (Viewer Discretion Advised)

again, viewer discretion is advised...

I am currently in the middle of piecing together my Arcilla analysis paper and report. I am approximately 40% done with the report and 20% done with the paper. I feel I need some inspiration to boost my working pace on this but I'm not that worried because I still have the rest of the week to finish this up.

Thus I often visit my suki youtube to view some videos and provide some variety to my incessant tapping on the keyboard regarding Arcilla and his perspectives, viewpoints, and historicism.

This vid is HILARIOUS! warning: mature content

I've seen this guy before in the "Urban Ninja" videos. He's a choreographer and an actor and has appeared in the movies "She's the Man", "Step Up, "You've Got Served", and "Step Up 2 The Streets"...all of which I have not seen nor wish to see. hehe

But his comedy shorts are another matter. The videos he makes are outright funny, suggestive, and oftentimes offensive -- just the way I like it!

There's a Reason for the Penis

found another vid on youtube. The title is "Spontaneous Generation."

I can't shake this pervading feeling of loneliness when I was watching this video. The person who made this vid said that there's a reason for the penis, but so far I'm stumped...

What do you make of this video, dear reader?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wala na akong maidaragdag pa...

here's today's editorial on the inquirer website I'm reproducing it in full for you dear readers. As I said in the title, I have nothing more to add to this editorial except maybe a standing ovation hehe

Naked spin

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:05:00 05/03/2008

MANILA, Philippines—It’s a cliché, but it is still one good way to say it: Give it an inch, and Malacañang will grab a mile. It is something Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano rediscovered earlier this week, perhaps to his embarrassment or grief.

Last Tuesday, the chairman of the Senate “blue ribbon” committee on public accountability and investigation told reporters the investigation of the ZTE national broadband network (NBN) deal, which started in September last year and went through 13 televised public hearings, yielded evidence leading to Malacañang but heard “no direct testimony” linking President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. “There is evidence leading to the Office of the President, but it is always better—may it be in a court of law, in an impeachment proceeding or in the blue ribbon committee—that there is direct testimony,” Cayetano said. In this case, he added, “There is no direct evidence.”

That statement was all that the administration needed to claim that the President had been absolved of any wrongdoing in connection with the scandal-plagued $329-million NBN project. “Saying there is no direct evidence is in effect an admission that the case against the First Couple is either very weak or does not exist at all,” said Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, one of the President’s staunchest defenders in the Senate. Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita chose to look at it in the better light. “That’s very significant because the fact of the matter is, even if we listen to all the interviews in the Senate, there really was no evidence whatsoever linking the President,” he said. “It’s a vindication of the national leadership.”

There is a big difference between Cayetano’s “no direct evidence” and Ermita’s “no evidence whatsoever” and it is as wide as the gulf dividing the truth and a lie. But why would Malacañang officials quibble over such distinctions? What is one more lie for an administration that has been caught lying, cheating and bribing politicians and anyone who is willing to sell his support for the President?

Now Cayetano has his hands full defending and clarifying a statement that really needs no defense or clarification were it not for Malacañang’s extravagant claim of complete absolution. (Serves him right for speaking too soon or out of turn.) But even in the unlikely case that Cayetano and the three Senate committees investigating the stinking ZTE-NBN deal would agree with Ermita that there was “no evidence whatsoever” against Ms Arroyo, it would be hard to imagine the Filipino public swallowing that line. If there is no “direct testimony” linking the President to the scandal, it is because Malacañang has made sure nobody would come forward to point a finger directly at her. Romulo Neri, the former director general of the National Economic and Development Authority, came close to doing it, until Malacañang prompted him to invoke “executive privilege” in refusing questions about how the NBN project got approved by the Neda board even after he had reported to her the P200-million bribe offer of then Comelec Chair Benjamin Abalos.

Lawyers and the President’s defenders may make fine distinctions between direct evidence and circumstantial evidence, but to the majority of Filipinos the fingerprints of the President and her husband are all over the place. For one thing, there was the President’s unusual interest in seeing—literally—the agreement signed and sealed even as First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo lay seriously ill. Then there was her own admission that she had heard talk about an “anomaly” but still went ahead to witness the signing of the agreement. There was Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr., and earlier Jose de Venecia III, putting the President’s husband right there where the project was being discussed and at one time ordering De Venecia to “back off” from the deal. And there was that scary abduction of Lozada, carried out by airport officials and the police, and other attempts to keep him from revealing what he knew of the deal. If all this doesn’t make somebody look guilty, nothing will. Not even the kind of evidence that would stand up in court that Malacañang apologists want the President’s accusers to produce.

But Filipinos can tell who is lying and who is telling the truth. The latest survey says three out of every five Filipinos believe Lozada. And going by the President’s falling credibility rating and approval rating, it would seem they have already formed their judgment. They may just be awaiting the day of reckoning.

emphasis on selected portions are mine.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Deconstructing Arcilla...

blog title is tentative title of my analysis paper on Arcilla's "An Introduction to Philippine History."

Alternative title: Palibhasa Ateneo hahaha -- I actually saw this line scrawled on a page of Arcilla's book (1971 edition) which I borrowed from the UP Main Lib:

"Palibhasa taga-Ateneo ka!"

the anonymous vandal was reacting to Arcilla's comments on Aglipay and the founding of the Philippine Independent Church.

I find the scrawled comments on the various tomes I've read and borrowed from the Lib another interesting avenue for research. If ever I could embark on such academic endeavor, I'd like to call it "Reactions at the Margins: A Postmodern analysis of vandalism in academic publications." hahahaha hallucination!

mas exciting pa minsan magbasa ng comments ng mga vandals kesa sa text ng libro. Nag-aaway pa minsan ang mga sumusulat ng side comments. So far the most contested book I've come across is the Jose Maria Sison biography "At Home in The World." Pati picture ni Joma hindi sinanto! hahahahaha

I Love OFWs...

Just read Cito Beltran's column in today's issue of The Philippine Star and I was going: "Correct! COREEEEEEEEEEECT!" (not out loud, or else mabulabog ang UP Main Library hehe)

I agree with Cito's Points 100%. He talked about the lip service the f*cking government pays to OFWs -- regaling them as "modern-day heroes" and whatnot, then contrasted these sweeet, EMPTY words with the way our OFWs are being treated in our very own NAIA. It seems that airline companies hire "baggage interceptors" (meron palang trabahong ganyan?) to apprehend departing travelers who have excess luggage. The hapless traveler then is required to stay within the limits of the allowable baggage and/or luggage.

and suspicion is enough to get you accosted. From what I've read of Beltran's account, the "interceptors" would approach you and have your luggaged weighed to see if you've violated the luggage limit. That's after you have already gone through the check-in counter at the terminal...

What Cito sees as a problem is the brusque (read: BASTOS) manner in which these "interceptors" accost the travelers. Beltran even observed that the ones mostly being targeted by these "interceptors" are often the OFWs -- the luggage of which I am sure are filled to capacity (and excess in most cases) with pasalubongs and every "illegal" (in the Western view) sort of Filipino dish that they could get their hands on, cram into their luggage, and hopefully share with friends back to whatever foreign land they work in. Beltran made the sarcastic observation that well-dressed, "professional", "powerful looking" travelers -- and foreigners, I'm sure of it -- are rarely targeted for violating the luggage limits.

Masama na nga na binabastos tayong mga Pilipino sa mga airport sa ibang bansa, dito pa sa sariling bansa natin -- sa mismong international airport dito sa Pilipinas? Leche!

As someone who owes his life, upbringing, and continuing education to OFWs, let me say this:


Thursday, May 1, 2008


Opening Theme to Ghost in the Shell -- Stand Alone Complex: 2nd Gig...and you've always wondered where I got the inspiration for this blog hehe