Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Christmas Break Awards...

summary of my christmas break as an awards show. And the award goes to...

Best impersonation of a dog - my niece Irene. Arf!Arf!

Greatest Quote - the great Febrian Ditchella: "Bisan indi pa ko ya mayor, ma-asal na ko ya nga daw mayor na ko! Teh, pirde sila eh..."

Greatest family moment - in the car with Manong, me, Mama, Brian Erl and Diding. It could've been a TV sitcom -- complete with opera-style singing of the 'Santos nga Misa'..."mangamuyo kitaaaaaaaa..." this was where the Greatest Quote was uttered. there's nothing like extremely funny --oftentimes meaningless -- family banter while weaving through the terrible Bacolod traffic that Friday night when I arrived from Manila.(turned out there was a midnight sale in Robinson's and a car accident along Lacson) We turned what could've been a long, grumpy ride into the "The Ditchella Family Half-Hour Show" hahahahaha

Best "Senior" Moment - Mrs. Erlinda Ditchella. A dramatization follows:

scene: departure area, Bacolod Airport. I was waiting to board my flight to Manila...when suddenly my cellphone rings

Ditch: hello, Ma?

Mama: (in an intense, panicky voice) Hello 'to? baw nabilin gid bala ang isa mo nga sapatos!

Ditch: Ang ano nga sapatos, Ma?

Mama: Ang imo bala high-cut nga sapatos. Ginputos naton to kagab-i pero nabilin!

Ditch: Ha? di bala daw nabutang mo man 'to sa isa ka bag kagab-i?

Mama: (pause) Ay Oo gale no? (laughs) Sige ah amo lang na (continues laughing)

Ditch: (laughing) Sige Ma, text lang ko kung ara na ko Manila...

Mama: Tawag ko da karon! (still laughing) Ay ambot ah...sige bye!

(end scene)

Newest Phobia - Fear of Barracudas. anybody care to come up with a scientific term for this? My nephew Brian Erl had been playing way too much "Feeding Frenzy" on my PC. Plus, he just discovered Warcraft and was making his way through the initial campaign missions...hope it doesn't become a habit...hehe

Best Dessert - the HOT MOMMA MOCHA MANGO FLOAT by the great Alon Song

Newest Debate - Mrs. Erlinda Ditchella (affirmative side) vs. Michael Ditchella (negative side). "Resolved that mapagunting na buhok si Michael kay kalaba na ka-ayo." Affirmative side: "Pagunting na!" Negative Side: "Indi ko!"

Best DVD marathon - a tie between Heroes Season 2 and Eureka Season 2

Best Christmas Eve Movie - "Accepted" starring Justin Long. Saw it on HBO. Had me laughing my ass off on Christmas eve...

Best New Year's Eve Movie - "Cars" on the Disney Channel. Palupok kamo da ya kay malantaw ko di ya mga racing cars nga gahambal hehehehe

Most Anticipated Work - completion of my research paper for Kas 199.2...and so it continues...

Stand Alone 1.32

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