Monday, January 14, 2008

My Inner Critic

I have classes early this morning yet I can't sleep because of some f*cking karaoke fest going on nearby. So para makabawi, I unleashed my inner critic and subjected these hapless voices to my own personal roasting hehehe

Comments I wish I could scream out loud...

1. Libagon! (sintunado!)
2. Out of synch ka!
3. Videoke na 'yan di mo pa makuha ang lyrics? Kung hindi ka pa naman ubod ng tanga! Bwiset!
4. If you can't reach the high notes, don't even bother singing "Alone" by Heart. Sinisira mo ang kanta 'langhiya ka! BTW, Celine Dion's version sucks!
5. The peopla are cheering not because they love your rendition. To be honest, it's horrible. They're just drowning out your hopeless rambling. That, or your horrendous voice has driven the crowd insane...
6. Wrong pronunciatiooooooon! Mag-aral ka ng Engliiiiiiiish!
7. If you wanna be a soprano that bad, better...(graphic description of a medical procedure)
8. "One in a Million" 'ka mo? That's apt, because if I were to judge your singing that's the score I'd give you: 1/1,000,000

and finally (and most fitting given the circumstance)...

9. Kung ayaw niyong matulog, magpatulog kayo! 'tangina nyo!

oh my they're having an impromptu beauty pageant...when will this torment end? huhuhuhu

[ditch's note: I'm getting rid of the Stand Alone notations at the end of my posts related to UP life/Manila life. I'll just label my posts 'stand alone' from now on. Hirap kasing tandaan ang series ng numbers in my old scheme eh. hehehehe]

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