Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

Vacation updates:


1. Met with Pax Florius and engaged in a few rounds of Wii games. Managed to snatch a Neverwinter Nights installer from Pax and also borrowed a Che Guevarre documentary hehe. Much appreciated. Brought my CPU to IECC for some diagnostics and repair.

2. Dropped by the High School and reconnected with old friends and acquaintances; briefly basked in the adulation of adoring former students. Naks...


3. Paid a visit to the doctors in order to indulge the hypochondria of mis padres. Initial appraisal by Dr. Guancia and Dr. Eusebio: NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME! Appear!

4. Got the news that Papa would be finally be coming home for good since his working visa expired and his company no longer renewed his work contract. Papa deserves his rest. I, on the other hand, had been given a sign that THIS IS IT. (apologies to MJ)


5. 9 AM-11 AM: Subjected self to a battery of tests (see #3). Will know results tomorrow.

6. 11AM: Brought my CPU home from IECC. tried installing Neverwinter Nights onto my newly resuscitated PC. A single mistake erased one whole hard drive full of games, music files, and other documents. Too depressed to comment further.

7. 1PM: Bout of depression resulted to a self-imposed exile at SM Bacolod. Met some former students along the way. Roaming around for a few hours did me good, though.

8. 4 PM: Bought some materials for an impromptu project: making a "Welcome Home" banner for my father.

9. 6PM: Father boards plane in NAIA domestic, banner done and installed. So proud of my work. hehe

10. 6 PM: tried installing NWN again. This time was careful to recall the proper procedure. Installation successful.

11. 6:10 PM: tried playing NWN on PC. Game unable to start because of incompatible software.

stay tuned for more updates...

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