Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vacation Updates


Papa finally arrives around 9 PM with a retinue of former acquaintances and friends filling up a van. Little wonder since Pa's former job as a driver often had him parked at the airport. Iba talaga 'pag sikat, no? hehe


Visited the high school once again, but this time to reconnect with an old friend and college batchmate who happened to have been hired just this year. The whole night was spent in kumustahan and chitchat. Our triumvirate, however, was incomplete as Apol was unable to make it due to prior commitments. Glad to see you again Bones, and we'll always have next time, 'Pol...


UNO-R. Again. Attended the Living Rosary and sent a wireless message to The Man Upstairs in behalf of an old friend and her ailing parent. I believe the Big G listens to prayers, most especially if these prayers are intended for another person and does not embody personal, selfish interests...It's Sir Harry's Birthday! treated to lunch and more chit-chat at the ACC...had to come home early in the afternoon as visitors were expected...

My cousin Nong Rudyard, his wife and kids paid a did Nang Jenelyn and Brian and Irene...and as usual, all the kids were huddled in front of my laptop playing Insaniquarium...thank God for PC games...

Brian spent the night at home and embarked on his new quest in an RPG game of mine...I get to try out his laptop and the Globe Tattoo Prepaid Internet...

So guess what I'm using to connect to the Internet and make this blog update?

See you all soon and stay tuned for other updates. Adios!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

from FND Films

Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Theme -- it's not just a mecha series, it's a psychotic nightmare.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

Vacation updates:


1. Met with Pax Florius and engaged in a few rounds of Wii games. Managed to snatch a Neverwinter Nights installer from Pax and also borrowed a Che Guevarre documentary hehe. Much appreciated. Brought my CPU to IECC for some diagnostics and repair.

2. Dropped by the High School and reconnected with old friends and acquaintances; briefly basked in the adulation of adoring former students. Naks...


3. Paid a visit to the doctors in order to indulge the hypochondria of mis padres. Initial appraisal by Dr. Guancia and Dr. Eusebio: NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME! Appear!

4. Got the news that Papa would be finally be coming home for good since his working visa expired and his company no longer renewed his work contract. Papa deserves his rest. I, on the other hand, had been given a sign that THIS IS IT. (apologies to MJ)


5. 9 AM-11 AM: Subjected self to a battery of tests (see #3). Will know results tomorrow.

6. 11AM: Brought my CPU home from IECC. tried installing Neverwinter Nights onto my newly resuscitated PC. A single mistake erased one whole hard drive full of games, music files, and other documents. Too depressed to comment further.

7. 1PM: Bout of depression resulted to a self-imposed exile at SM Bacolod. Met some former students along the way. Roaming around for a few hours did me good, though.

8. 4 PM: Bought some materials for an impromptu project: making a "Welcome Home" banner for my father.

9. 6PM: Father boards plane in NAIA domestic, banner done and installed. So proud of my work. hehe

10. 6 PM: tried installing NWN again. This time was careful to recall the proper procedure. Installation successful.

11. 6:10 PM: tried playing NWN on PC. Game unable to start because of incompatible software.

stay tuned for more updates...

Friday, October 23, 2009

I Can't Figure This One Out...

The Radiator Lady from David Lynch's "Eraserhead" a.k.a. "Admiral Ackbar's Baby" hehehe

Be at the airport in a few hours. Take care everybody and see you in Bacolod...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

See You in Bacolod

Taking a break for a while. Hope I can update while back home. Next semester the final leg of this madness commences.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Lynch Directs...

David Lynch is notorious for nosebleed inducing movies. His cinematic technique is oftentimes obscure, dark and utterly confusing, disturbing and confounding. But what if he were to direct cartoons?

This particular video captures David Lynch perfectly... of his early short films. Tingnan natin kung ma-gets nyo. hehe


Just passed my Kas 204 paper to Ma'am Camagay. Right on the deadline and it feels so fine...

Allow me a moment to say --



I'm looking forward to a worry-free sembreak.

On another note...

committed a grave offense of epic proportions. Now the Furies are descending upon me like Orestes stained with the blood of Clytemnestra. Huhuhu

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shakira the Coed

Unbelievable that she managed to avoid attention. Amazing that a popstar considered sitting in a classroom enjoyable. Read the article here

On unrelated matters: thanks to Regina for treating me to lunch today. Maybe I should establish a "will-critique-your-paper-for-meals" scheme here in peyups...hehehe

Speaking of papers...deadline na bukas! I'm so excited! yaaaaaaaaaah!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New World In My View

something I picked up from watching the second season of True Blood

dark, hypnotic, and brooding...

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have a paper to finish.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMFG! Sa Wakas!

From the creators of the Ninjai series...

Warning: explicit content! hell, yeah!

Karma Kula...parang combination ng guru at ninja...hehe

Karma Kula website here

Ninjai website here. Apart from the ninja kid, the little bird is my favorite. hehe

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Down...

I just submitted my Anthro 292 exam via email to Dr. Tan. Salamat at pinagbigyan niya yung revision ko sa isang topic. Thanks Sir!

Tomorrow I'll be submitting my long-delayed Kas 208 paper to Ma'am Camagay. Here's hoping makapasa sa panlasa ni ma'am...

On to other stuff...what happens when one of my favorite actors join forces with one of my favorite shows?

Olivia Munn subjects Jim to a "nerd lore" here

Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Cera Delivers The Rape

it's the middle of the night and I'm choking on suppressed laughter. LOL

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Speaking of the Devil...

All this references to Marilyn Manson since last week was brought about by my purchase of his Best of...album in Greenbelt 5 *gasp* hehe it was on sale at Astrovision kaya hindi ko napigilan ang aking sarili.

Here's a Hellsing AMV featuring "Long Road Out of Hell"

A Long Hard Road...This First Sem*

Relatively speaking, I had it easy compared to the iskos and iskas in peyups.

I'm currently haunting the shelves of the main library looking to complete my term paper for Kas 204. Para wala na akong INC this sem, ano ba...

Good news: I finally finished my Kas 208 (that's the Fil-American War course, I think I confused my Ma'am Camagay courses in a previous post) paper and it is now awaiting printing. I'll be submitting it to Ma'am this Wednesday.

Good news, na medyo bad news: Finished my Anthro Theory take home exam - only to realize later that I had an incorrect definition of the 'ukay-ukay' trade. Malayo pa naman ang deadline so I'm petitioning Prof Tan if he would allow my concept of 'alternative trading systems which is akin to the ukay-ukay' (basta). I am awaiting his approval.

It's the start of exams next week so sa lahat ng iskolar ng bayan out there, good luck sa puyatan at kung anu-ano pa dyan. hehe


*pasintabi kay Marilyn Manson

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're No-oooooot!

spoke too soon...internet access lasted for just 12 hours in the boarding house. It might take some time for it to return to its normal state. Patience...

Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Ba-aaaaaaaack!

may internet na ulit sa boarding house. Balik na naman ang distraction...Ayus!