Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back at Batasan

its been two days since i've been shuttling back and forth from Peyups and the Philipppine Congress. Don't worry wala ko plano mang-bomba or ma-rally. Research ni aton ya ah...

In a previous post (First...) I described my initial Congress experience as that of irritation and disappointment. PT&T. putanginang taragis na Congress. hehehe

well the past few days have more than made up for the bad first impression.

My usual destinations inside Congress are the Legislative Archives and the HOR Library (why not call it the "Library of Congress" para astig? hehe) First, I have to say that whatever the budget allocations of Congress are, they sure don't scrimp on airconditioning expenses. Daw mall sa katugnaw ang offices.

staying for 4 hours inside the library poring over voluminous congressional records, directories, indices, and whatever is enough to turn me into a human popsicle. It may be a blessing in disguise that the photocopier is located at another building -- the long walk carrying a document that weighs about 4 pounds, basking in the warm afternoon sun was sufficient to defrost my insides. The long wait as I watch a hapless attendant take about 5 minutes to photocopy one page from the Congressional Records was not enjoyable though *sigh*

Kag nami ila elevator...pang-hotel hehehehe

And it was quite a pleasant surprise that I found an overwhelming majority of the people at the Congress POLITE and PLEASANT. and we're talking about a government establishment here, folks. The library and archive personnel have all been accomodating; even the guards at the entrance gates were mild-mannered and not masungit. Yung mga masungit yung mga bisita hehehe

So since I'm in Congress...who have I bumped into? Sad to say daw wala pa gid ko "celebrity/politician moment." Though one time I was coming out from the archives and I saw a glimpse of Kiko Pangilinan's back. haha likod lang pero siya gid to ah. I saw a few "typical" (read: TRAPO) congressmen but they all look alike to me -- old and reeking of corruption. (haha)

Got a kick out of listening to the privilege speeches though. Sometimes the speeches in the session hall are broadcasted over the PA system. Mostly rhetorical bullshit though...will let you know if I really bump into one of the "honorables" in one of my trips back to Batasan.

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