Sunday, September 13, 2009

At May Sequel Na!

Just watched [Rec] with Pebi at Edsa Shangri-la Plaza, and it was one hell of a blast.

Just replace "Mierda!" with "Putang-ina, ano yon?!" and you'll have an idea of the reaction of the audience at Cine Europa.

The storyline reminded me of the Left for Dead game. The final "boss" in the movie looked like the Witch in L4D. And the people becoming "infected" and not "zombified" is just what the L4D Infected were. The upcoming sequel to this horror film just might confirm the relationship between the movie and the game...

Manu is back! and so is Jennifer! And was that a Boomer spewing blood? Wait a minute, where the f*ck is Angela? Donde esta, Angela? Donde?!

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