Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Dyinggel" Factor

I believe I have found a new personal standard for rating films -- the "dyinggel" factor. Movies that make me want to hold the urge to urinate until the almost inevitable moment rank high, while those movies in which I just take a leak at the slightest stirrings of my easily excitable bladder would be lower rated.

So far the films I have seen in the past few weeks have been highly rated by my bladder. In "District 9", I was able to abstain from peeing until the end credits. "Bruno" elicited the same reaction despite having drunk a large-sized iced tea drink. Another factor may have been the fact that the movie had been shortened by (very) apparent edits which eliminated entire scenes. F*king censorship sucks!

And though I very much wanted to bestow the same "non-peeing during the entirety of the film" honor on "Kimi Dora", the iced tea I consumed earlier while watching Bruno finally sounded its clarion call in my nether regions. Good thing it was almost toward the end. Eugene Domingo does a masterful comedic performance, and the movie itself stands as one of the better comedy films of this year -- featuring Miriam Quiambao in a masochistic role, a cockroach killing maid with an indestructible face, Dingdong Dantes acting geeky, a vomit-eating askal, weird-looking special effects, a farmer with incredibly fine skin texture, a hilarious and creative use of rifle laser sights, and the most good-looking catering service ever.

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