Saturday, November 28, 2009


Found my way into Astroplus at SM North and fished out Kate Bush's "Aerial" CD from the bargain stacks. How come I know majority of the artists consigned to "bargain sale limbo"? Kokonti na ba talaga ang mga katulad kong eclectic ang taste sa music? Ano ba yan...

Listening to Kate Bush made me wish I had known her earlier. Her work defies categorization and simple description as the songs feature varied genres and musical styles. Her music is so complex -- within a single song I counted at least three changes in tempo and a song often would cross over into another musical style mid-track. This album deserves to be heard again and again...

My favorite tracks are in the second disc entitled "Sky of Honey": the songs "Somewhere in Between", "Nocturn", and "Aerial" need to be listened to as a series as it features common musical themes and motifs. Birdsong features predominantly within the second disc as well as human voices and animal growls. Kate even utilizes a unique tone and cadence when singing which is reminiscent of the chanting of Muslims in prayer.

This is one weird, amazing album.

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