Thursday, November 26, 2009


Movietime with cousin Pebi did not go as planned.

I am so f*cking pissed with what happened.

Last night I checked out the scheduled screening of Wanted:Border at There I saw that the schedule listed a 1:40 PM, 3:30 PM, and 5:20 PM screening of the film. Knowing that Pebi would be fresh out of her shift (her shift BTW ends at 6 am) at her call center/trading consultancy work, and that she normally spends Thursday morning asleep at home, we agreed on an early afternoon screening since she should be back in Cavite before 4 or 5 PM.

And so we met at the SC around 10 AM. Natawa ako sa kanya kasi yung get-up nya was "yuppieng gala" -- top part was "yuppie" while the lower half was "gala" (shorts and sandals). A quick stop at Maroons turned her into a "UPing gala" (a UP shirt now replaced her blouse). After spending a moment to check out the DVDs at the usual place, we made our way to Robinson's Galleria for lunch.

Of course libre ni Pebi. (Thank you!) Mealtime chitchat was the most meaningful I had in a looong time. Discussion went from movies: Sophia Copolla's Marie Antoinette and the sad fate of M. Night Shyamalan (Pebi expressed admiration for Lady in the Water; I, on the other hand, expressed skepticism on The Last Airbender; we both agreed The Happening sucked); to books: George Orwell's works (Animal Farm, 1984) to Paulo Coelho's I Sat by the River Piedra and Wept (pareho ang reaction namin sa book -- isang malutong na WTF?!)The food at The Old Spaghetti House was also good - the spareribs were soft and tender but needed more sauce and marinade IMO.

Things took a turn for the worse after lunch.

We hurried to the ticket booth around 1:15 PM to get in line for Wanted:Border only to find that Robinson's Movieworld had changed the schedule. There were to be two screenings of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Cinema 8 prior to the screening of Wanted: Border. The earliest we could watch was 5:20 PM and, knowing Pebi's situation, it was impossible for us to watch the movie as a "critical tandem" (naks) if that's the case.


After profuse apologies to Pebi, we decided to watch Paranormal Activity instead. Nilibre ko si Pebi as a token of gratitude for lunch and also for the fact that the sudden change of plans made us watch a movie that we both weren't planning on viewing. Nahiya talaga ako kay Pebi. And I was so irate at what happened that I just had to kick Edward's big-ass face displayed in the Movieworld lobby.

Honestly, that felt good. ha.

Halos walang tao sa cinema when we went in. Aside from Pebi and myself, I counted around 6 more people in the cinema. So much for the hype surrounding this film -- another addition to the "found/recovered footage genre" like The Blairwitch Project, Cloverfield, Rec, Quarantine (based on Rec), and The Hayden Kho Scandal (kidding)

Again, so much for hype. I considered the film as an indictment of the materialistic and self-centered American culture whose only response to the forces of the supernatural was to point a videocamera at it. The scenario presented in the film would unfold quite differently here in our country, where our culture is steeped in lore regarding the supernatural. This would explain why both Pebi and I viewed the film with a degree of incredulity and amusement -- but not horror.

Kung si Pebi pa: "Naku, na-engkanto lang yan. Tawas lang ang katapat nyan..."

but to be fair to the film, a few scenes did make me jump. The most interesting was the one where the woman, while sound asleep, was dragged by her foot from her bed by an invisible presence, and hearing her terrified screams as she was being dragged away from view... now, that was creepy.

And another question kept nagging me: Why don't they just shut the damn door?

And so our tandem shared disappointment instead of an enjoyable film experience. This afternoon just made me realize how much I hated the Twilight series, and now I could hate it with a vengeance. Nang dahil sa New Moon na 'yan nadiskaril ang plano namin ni Pebi, punyeta!

Note: checked the clickthecity website again, and lo and behold! the f*cking schedule has indeed been changed!Isaksak nyo yang p*t********g New Moon na 'yan sa baga nyo!

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