Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Updates


Brian spends most of the day riveted, deep in concentration on his various quests. such concentration only interrupted by screams of "Tito Miiiike!" whenever he found himself stuck at a level or quest. Assistant gamer and nanny rolled in one. Hay...

Caught a throat irritation because of gorging on too much ice cream.


All Saints' Day. Throat irritation grew worse. Had to make a short trip to the mall to procure medicine. Pretty sure this is an allergy so I gulped down a few antihistamines. Didn't feel the wrath of Santi here in Bacolod.


All Souls' Day. Early morning trip to Manapla with Mama and Papa to pay respects to our beloved dead. Throat irritation morphed into a sinus irritation. Allergy it is. After paying our respects to the dead, we had to pay our respects to the living - necessitating a side trip to our relatives in the barrio. Sat quietly for two hours and respectfully responded to queries and engaged in small talk. Sidetrip to Robinson's and wolfed down a sandwich at Taters. Mmmmmmm...


Sinus irritation on the mend. Mama's off buying pasalubong while I'm here updating my blog.

See you all in Manila...

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