Sunday, June 10, 2007


welcome to my blog!

got the inspirationto start this blog to chronicle a whole new chapter in my life.
now I have to admit that "Stand Alone Complex" is not an original title ( i hope the makers of Ghost in the Shell won't sue me for this, anyway...). But i think this title is most apt in describing the current situation i am in.

"Stand Alone Complex" in my case refers to the independence i am currently enjoying right now - with all it's benefits and challenges. All the excitement, the joys, and the pains of living - of "standing alone" in this strange new world I hope I could share with you in the coming months...

so this will be my soapbox in cyberspace for a while, and hope all those who visit (or stray into) will enjoy or come out enlightened or informed at the very least...

Hope to hear from y'all!

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