Friday, September 12, 2008

End of Evangelion

Brilliant. Amazing. Superb. Fantastic. Graphic. Gory. Violent. Sensual. Frightening. Arousing. Thought-provoking. Semiotic. Postmodern. Transcendental. Enlightening. Confusing. Kaballah-esque. Mind-blowing. Art-house. Experimental. Frustrating. Enigmatic. Paradoxical. Ironic. Cinematic. Depressing. Intelligent. Confounding. Psychological. Philosophical. Disturbing. Religious. Diverse. Triumphant. Eclectic. Theoretical. Discursive. Deep. Profound. Emotional.Evocative. Obfuscated. Bewildering. Depraved. Psychedelic. Analytical. Astounding. Atypical. Classic. Ground-breaking. Fucking Great.

My review of the anime "End of Evangelion" (Parts 1 and 2) in fifty words. Maybe more...

Seeing this film would result to either an increase in IQ or insanity. I'm still not sure which effect applies to me.

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