Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today in Thought Adjustment...



The Enchanted Kingdom of Minime has recently released a press release denying rumors of overstaying American troops in the Philippines. The presence of US troops, according to Minime's Propaganda Officer - este - Press Secretary is not a violation of the sovereignty of our nation but rather a boon to the tourism industry of the Philippines. The following is the statement released by the Department of Imagination of the Enchanted Kingdom of Minime:

"The presence of US troops, though primarily undertaking combat training for defense purposes, could also be engaged in 'fun and recreational activities' as US troops also deserve a break from hunting down the Abu Sayyaf - I mean - engaging in joint military exercises with Filipino troops here in the Philippines. The allegation that the GIs are overstaying is preposterous as they are not staying too long in our Philippine Islands. Take note that there are more than 7100 islands in the Philippines and the GIs have taken the opportunity to visit each and every one of them, having heard of the exotic pussy - este - beauty that the islands have to offer. And of course the GIs are kind enough not to stay too long on a particular island, just stay for about three days. This is enough time for them to ravage - este - admire the natural pussy - este - BEAUTY that the Pearl of the Orient Seas has to offer. Of course, after said period, they would have to move on to another island. So far they have invaded - ahem - visited 756 islands. Our government is happy to report that the presence of the US troops have resulted in an increase in venereal - este - revenues for the tourism industry. Thus aside from a ready ally in the person of the American GI, we also have a devoted tourist touring our islands. God Bless America.......and the Philippines, also."

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