Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last Meetings (Sort Of)

This week I'll be seeing (most of) my classmates (probably) for the last time (for a while).

Our Kas 205 and 226 classes have officially adjourned for a research break of a few weeks. But we will still be meeting again in October for updates on progress and some finalizations of our papers prior to passing at the end of the semester.

In our Kas 226 class kanina, natuloy na rin ang debate namin ni Mr. Sungit (Chester pala pangalan niya hehe) We were discussing Regina's report on the Vietnam war, when we got entangled in a debate on...basta...nag-debate kami!

He was going on about his "theorizing" on the Vietnam War as seen through elite-peasant interactions in the struggle against the US forces. He reacted to my statement (which was a reaction to his earlier statement - but I forget what the statement was...) in which I commented on the seeming confluence of the nationalist and communist ideologies in the struggle of the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. The exchange took a while, but in the end I was able to glean the point that he was trying to make:

Me: So, are you therefore saying that the Vietnamese experience could've been the Philippines if we had 'stuck to our guns' against the Americans?

Mr. Sungit: *gave a meaningful smile*

Me: (silently) GOTCHA! hahahahahaha

It was a pleasant surprise that Mr. Sungit became affable and - uh - conversant? (hehe) during our 'last' meeting. And the exchange with him was enlightening, and I found myself agreeing with his point - his seeming juxtaposition of the Vietnamese experience vis-a-vis the Philippine experience was a very interesting viewpoint. But enough with the theorizing, please...hehehe

Tomorrow will also be a 'last' meeting of sorts with Spiderman as he is vas al Mejico en las semanas siguentes. He'll be gone for a while, which will leave me adequate time to start my readings for my term papers for Sir Jose. About time!

Side note: Played DOTA with the kids...este...classmates yesterday and our team got trounced in two straight matches. But I hold the proud distinction of having the record for...most deaths! ten! hahahahaha I also saw a couple of gamers playing the MMORPG "Lineage" which brought me back through memory lane...ah, my former life as a gamer...

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