Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Face The Music...

I will be passing The Great Big Research Paper tomorrow.

The submission of my greatest work ever (pwe hahaha)will be done to the tune of this song...

Criminal by Fiona Apple (warning: suggestive content)

Ang daming phallic symbols sa video na ito! hahaha

I had planned to continue reading for my book review but got immersed in serious/semi-serious talk with Eli at McDo Philcoa. Aside from being bibliophiles, we also have other things in common - being valedictorians (Eli in high school, ako in elementary), Best in Science Awardees in High School, and having a passion for teaching.

Good luck to all my classmates na nagpupuyat ngayon for Kas 110. Kaya niyo yan hehe Mas dakila kayo kasi konti lang 'free time' nyo. Hindi tayo magpa-pass ng reaction paper kay Spiderman! Tanginang reaction paper na 'yan! hahahahahaha

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