Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hellooooooo Pasig!

I spent a good part of this day exploring another corner of Manila. Our Anthro prof showed us around Pasig City together with a group of Anthro undergrads.

First of all, late kaming dumating sa Pasig Museum. The number of people taking the MRT was unbelievable! Christmas na talaga kasi sobrang traffic, almost all people have one destination: the shopping centers, malls, or the local flea market in order to engage in their Christmas shopping.

Fortunately, Sir was just about to wrap up the first part of the museum tour when we arrived. It so happened that the exhibit room that was first explored was the area where we will be setting-up our pottery exhibit. After we made our presence known to Sir Castro, we immediately set about the task surveying our would-be exhibit area.

Nagpaiwan kami sa baba at hindi na kami sumali sa tour sa second floor ng museum. We were scoping out the place, imagining our non-existent exhibit laid-out in the area. Actually wala pa naman kami talagang idea kung ano ang ilalagay namin sa exhibit, kaya patingin-tingin lang kami atsaka nagfoformulate ng mga possible na themes na iaassign sa bawat sulok ng exhibit area. We also looked at the materials available in the museum and upon further inquiry with kuya guard, we were assured that the museum had enough platforms, display cases and panel boards to meet our needs.

When the group rejoined us downstairs, Sir sent us outside on a tour of some of the old houses in Pasig. We were then led to the City Hall which featured a view of Marikina River. A sign that read "No Petting-Necking" caught our attention; mapusok talaga ang mga taga-Pasig - or is it the "romantic view" of the river? hehehe

We were then led inside the church and we saw a restored wooden mural and the old church bells. Throughout the tour, I was amused at Sir's informal demeanor - para lang kaming lumalakwatsa sa neigborhood niya (which turned out to be true, as our professor is a resident of Pasig).

The tour ended at around half-past noon and we rode a jeep back to Edsa Central. Another new mall to be explored hehe My classmates and I had lunch at Chowking and talked for a while - basically chismis unrelated to either Anthropology or the museum project.

Finally we took the MRT back to Quezon Avenue. The train operator announced over the PA system that the train was having a bit of a problem with the brakes, but it was a minor problem and the train could still operate.

sabi ng train operator:

"Diretso po 'to ng North Station...wag kayong mag-alala"

Sabi ko: "Baka wala nang hinto ang lakad nito..."

Dugtong pa ng isa: "Diretso North Station...tapos papasok na sa SM North!"

hahahahaha Lucky for us, the train made its usual stops. My classmates got off at Cubao station while I got off Quezon Avenue and took a jeepney to Philcoa.

And so ended the last (un)official class meeting for this year. Next year na lang ang mga gagawin at iba pang mga assignments for the museum project....pahinga muna tayo...

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