Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pot Ng Ina Mo!

In our Anthro 225 class Prof. Castro offered us an opportunity to participate in an upccoming exhibit in the Pasig Museum. We were given the choice of either passing a term paper or providing our ample "talents" in setting up the Pasig Museum exhibit.

The topic? POTTERY...specifically the pottery industry in Pasig.

Since may INC pa ko last sem at may paper kay Ma'am Camagay this sem, I jumped on the opportunity to participate in an activity that would mean one less paper to research and write.

Just this evening during our class we finally decided on the committees that will compose the Pasig Museum project. I elected to join the Exhibit Management Committee.


Kasi control-freak ako eh. hahaha

But it seems that this control freak has met his fellow control freaks. And mind you, mga experts ito in their own fields. Good thing walang sumamang control freak sa committee namin. Baka na-intimidate ko hehe

But I am looking forward to working with my classmates on this project. We are scheduled to tour the Pasig Museum this Saturday with Sir Castro to get a glimpse of the museum as well as other historical sites around Pasig.

Now, if only I had a camera...

But the bigger question for me is: "Paano bang papuntang Pasig?"

hahaha magpapaka-lost uli tayo in the big city! at least, this is another opportunity to familiarize myself with another corner of Manila. Hala, sige!

And so I am now on "management mode" and "research mode" on the history and ethnography of pottery in Pasig city...oooooooooh....

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mel said...

hi i'm mel from UP Diliman, college of mass communication. 2nd year. We are also shooting an avp/docu of pasig pottery, for our BC (broad casting class)ano na po ung progress nio, maybe i can also ask you like some of your sources sir, and yeah, how to get to pasig too. :-)