Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You're both Finished!

hay salamat at natapos na yung report ko on Otis and Schurman para sa Kas 208 ni Ma'am Camagay. It was postponed last week so this was a long overdue project. Whew!

Isa lang comment ko kay Ma'am: suabe...hehehe. I'm beginning to see why despite the workload, those who took up Ma'am's classes still enjoyed it.

At umulan ng Nagaraya sa UP Press...hahahahahaha

OK din yung examen corto namin sa Span 11. Las preguntas y los ejercicios estan muy facil. wahahahaha tingnan lang natin sa Biyernes kung ano ang score natin....

I was already dizzy with hunger by the time we were dismissed at around 7 PM. At the Coop Canteen, I sat across a kind old lady who suddenly engaged me in conversation. She knew a bit of Ilonggo and she was asking me about my course and whatnot...

Turns out she's an Adventist and was teaching in a university in Tagaytay. She asked me if I am familiar with Adventists and I said yes, because there is an Adventist school in Bacolod.

I didn't tell her that I also knew an Adventist but he's the atypical, "deviant" sort. Doesn't worship on Saturdays and spends much of his time, uh....fornicating. hehehe

Basta, tomorrow will be a "break day" for me! Kalimutan muna natin ang pag-aaral!

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