Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Page One

Well, after a few days of just being plain LAZY, I finally started tapping on my laptop and squeezing out a few words for my Kas 208 paper.

Just finished ONE page.


That's where all the trouble started.

I'm not too happy with the way I started my Introduction. Placing a quote without any context to it resulted to a very loooong explanation on the first paragraph providing said context. Better revise this one tomorrow. But I'm happy with using the headline as the centerpiece of my Introduction. Emulating Leon Wolff, I guess...hehehe

Writing the second paragraph...

Sh*t. Where did I get this? [scans notes] must be from Welch...wait a minute...yeah, I read it from Welch but I didn't put it in my notes....huh?!...WTF?!

Third paragraph...

Should I read Foucault? [scans notes] Yep, I think I need to. Him or the other structuralist/postmodern guys...

[ditch scratches head, remembers something, winces]

Oh, Sh*t...Reading E. San Juan, Jr. almost gave me a headache and now I have to tackle postmodernity? F*ck!

Page One is done.

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