Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Small World

1. met two of my former students at SM North a few weeks ago. Jeff and Kent were just strolling along the Skygarden when they bumped into Ditch...

2. bumped into a college batchmate at SM North, THE Annex. He's one of the staff in a computer shop there.

3. Two weeks ago I was walking along C. Recto Avenue and was passing by Kalai when I was hailed by another former HS student. Leanne of UP Miag-ao was one of the participants in a Debating Competition held here in UPD. Unfortunately, I never got to see one of the matches.

4. Just this afternoon I was waiting for the northbound train at Ayala MRT Station when out popped Jison, another former student. A quick exchange of greetings followed before I was swept by the wave of human bodies into the train car. we played kumustahan via text messaging. Turns out he's enrolled himself in a university here in Manila. Goodluck.

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