Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking for Lieban

Medyo frantic ako ngayon. I'm looking for articles by this guy named Richard Lieban for my anthropology class next week. I'm assigned to react to our discussion on Functionalism and Structural-Functionalist theory and I'm feeling out-of-sorts because of my damn allergy. Cough syrup and antihistamines are a combination that renders me a bit stuporous but I was able to read through Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown yesterday.

This morning I was scouring through the periodicals section of the library looking for Lieban's articles on the engkanto, and kulam (sorcery). Parang ako ang kinukulam since I wasn't able to locate the articles. Yung isa in American Anthropologist was ripped from the journal, leaving only one page. The deed apparently was done waaay back in 1985 kasi may notation sa naiwang pahina - 'missing since 1985'. The other one from the Southwestern Journal of Anthropology nawawala yung mga journals pero sa OPAC lumilitaw. Nyak!

The only recourse suggested was online resources. So I went to the Electronic Resources at the main lib only to find out that the articles could be found in an online resource which is accessible in another library - the Econ lib. So martsa naman tayo sa Econ library. Ang siste, may babayaran ka pang P100 for a card to gain access to computer lab and the printing. So bayad na ako at pagkakuha ng green card pasok ng Computer Lab ng Econ. Problema, their subscription apparently gives them access to a limited number of journals, AA and SWJA were not among those serials available.

OK, now anybody out there na gusto ng green card for Econ Computer Lab?

Now, the final option is Ateneo Library. I checked their online OPAC and they have both journals on their stacks as well as in their online resources. Sige, para makapunta na ulit sa Ateneo. May bayad nga lang for outsider access - 100 pesos.

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