Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Search for Happiness...

sounds like movie title hehe but a query got me thinking about man's eternal quest for self-fulfillment. Maslow puts self actualization at the highest tier of man's needs and I do think that all the things that we do in life - or most of them, anyway - contribute to our self actualization.

I took up education because I wanted to become a teacher. That was my dream.

My teaching at my alma mater was one of the best experiences ever and a fitting way to start my teaching vocation.

I firmly believe that my exodus to peyups was one of the best decisions I have made. No regrets on that department.

So far, I am well on my way to self-actualization. a few obstacles and stumbles may be expected but that is what makes the journey exciting; Happiness may be our goal, but getting there is half the fun. hehe

Here's to all of you who are journeying to your own respective happiness.

And here's to you who asked: let me repeat that you deserve happiness and should work for it. And I won't forget to remind you to tell me when you're finally happy.

That's a promise.

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