Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Just Had To Post This...2nd edition

seems everywhere I look, I am confronted by images of my past. Gapahiwatig haw?
this time its my second year of employment at UNO-R...the ghost of employment past?

I believe this pic was taken SY 2005-2006. that was the year of my first (little did I know that it would also be the last )advisory class (First Year Section C - St. Thomas of Villanova, korek?) and my first full load in Social Studies (phil history for First Year and World History for Third Year C). I believe this was the second time I had the honor to pose for a pic as a member of the UNO-R HS faculty, amongst friends, colleagues, and mentors...prospects of studying in UP were just ethereal plans floating in the clouds of my imagination...

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