Friday, November 2, 2007

That Old Familiar Feeling Part 3...

long delay in blog updates + fuzzy memory = a less-than-ideal blog post (shorter and less descriptive than usual), my apologies....

That Old Familiar Feeling (3)

and so began the "catching-up phase" with my old colleagues, my friends. as usual busy man gihapon ang mga teachers sa UNO-R, though some are busier (and thus more stressed) than others. Sir Harrry was juggling roles between being the academic chair, the CLE teacher for the 3rd and 4th year, and his role in the preparations for the upcoming Living Rosary. Alon had been busy over the I-debate these past few weeks, she has about a TON of folders from her research class that are still to be marked, and her Starlight hasn't been released yet. Grace has been stressed since day one of being the Discipline Officer, aside from her responsibility as chem teacher for the third year. and since the deadline for the 40% grades were looming over everybody's heads that time, everyody in the faculty room were busier than usual. (the usual situation in the faculty room: busy - all other situations are variations of the usual situation)

but still, my presence there required Alon and Grace to drop everything and treat me to dinner. ako na subong ang gapalibre hehehe. the irony was not lost on them both, especially Alon -- who would often point out my state of er...destitution. so after taking care of their various responsibilities, preparations were made for a "group date" with me, Grace, Alon, and Cindy. The venue was Bigby's at SM. getting their required us four to stand for a few minutes in the rain -- finally squeezing ourselves into a small taxi which transported us to SM Bacolod.

Over bottomless iced tea (my staple drink at Bigby's) and the walang kamatayang Food Trip Platter, we reminisced, gossiped, commisserated, and mulled over the past, present and future. it was a welcome break not only for me, but for my hardworking friends who were just too happy to take a break from their routine and accomodate me in their schedules. hehehe

As the night wore on, we were rudely pulled out of our reverie and into the reality that some of those assembled still had classes early in the morning, and piles of requirements to fulfill, and a slew of deadlines to meet. while I, who had chosen to pull myself out of their world for the meantime, had to thank them for their generosity, wish them luck with their work, and wave goodbye to them as they went off to their homes.

Thanks guys, missed you all...

Stand Alone 1.18

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