Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Pati dito sa Manila, hindi ako nakawala sa Warcraft DoTA hahahahaha

Just finished a game - actually a second face-off - with my Kas 110 classmates, Eliezar, Herald, Ebro and Kas stalwarts Fernan and buddy [sorry di ko nakuha yung name ng isa hehe]

Our first face-off (which was ages ago) resulted in Eli, Ebro and myself being trounced in two straight games.

But it seemed that second time's the charm since we gained the upper hand on this evening's match, winning 2-0 against Fernan's team.

The win, for my part, was surprising given that during the first game we weren't using our regular characters. I got the Death Knight 'Abaddon', and things were even complicated by the fact that the version of the game does not feature any text for the hero abilities and the items so nangangapa ako. Pili lang ako ng item from the low level shops that looked bad-ass and cost much kasi alam ko mataas ang stats nun, atsaka meron naman akong natandaan na mga items at nakakadifferentiate pa naman ako between the strength, agility, and intelligence items. hehe

For the second game I picked the Dragon Knight 'Davion', medyo maswerte sa melee so ituloy natin ang swerte...immediately after seeing my Dragon morphing abilities Fernan's team immediately ganged-up on me, seeing to it that I was the first to be dispatched. I was screaming indignation against what I perceived as "Dragon Discrimination": Porke't half-blood ako, kinakawawa nyo ko? Tangina nyo! wahahahaha!

Both games were tight contests, di mo alam kung sino ang mananalo. I was surprised at my level of gameplay and the quality of items I was purchasing. It was a series of pushes and counter-pushes, near-misses and close-calls - during both games both our team and the opponent's would even infiltrate into the home bases. It all came down on who could kill each other the fastest, and take advantage of the respawning lull and advance to the other's home base.

The win in our second game was a bit anti-climactic as it was the creeps who finally managed to destroy the Frozen Throne. Though I take the credit for destroying and damaging the Spirit Towers guarding the Frozen Throne - ang galing kaya ni Dragon Form Davion in destroying buildings...hehe. One moment Fernan's team and the mega-creeps of the Scourge were in our home base and we were frantically putting up our defenses - the next tapos na ang laban.

Ay, talo pala kami? Fernan's team asked themselves, not realizing that they had left their base wide open for the treants, druids and catapults to make their headway. It was a war of attrition, and we were lucky to have won it. Credit also goes to Eli who is the 'Razor' master and to Ebro who used this character that could produce duplicate copies of itself and turn into the berserker mode of Illidan...

It was already quarter to nine in the evening when we emerged from the gaming place, gleefully recounting our battles and enjoying our triumph. Fernan and his team immediately scheduled a rematch, trying in vain to convince us to have a third game while we were still in the gaming place but we wisely declined. Baka mawala yung swerte hirap na, let's end while we're still on top hehe

It was during our discussion that Fernan realized na hindi pala kami magka-batch -- that I was actually an MA student. hahahaha medyo hindi pa pala halata na matanda na ako since nakikipagsabayan pa ako sa gaming ng mga bata - este - ng mga classmates ko...

So ngayon, back to reality na naman tayo. Basa ulit ng libro. Even though it's a holiday tomorrow at siguradong mapapadpad na naman ako sa Trinoma, I would still be carrying my readings with me. Natatandaan na ako ng guard sa Trinoma foodcourt, ng attendant sa Wendy's na parati kong binibilhan ng iced tea, at ng staff ng KFC hehe

Pero a (DoTA)date's a date. The next match will be on October 8. (uy, nagrhyme!)

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