Monday, October 6, 2008

Research is a Pain in the Ass

Quite literally.

Just spent the whole day at the National Library, searching for additional sources for my Kas 205 term paper. I found a number which resuscitated my hopes that I would be able to pursue my first topic and not go off on a tangent in pursuit of an alternative...salamat sa Dios.

I actually have been dreading this trip to the National Library since the trip is soooooooooooooo long. The ride from Philcoa to Kalaw takes about 40 mins. Imagine having to sit through the entire trip. Apparently nagpayus na buli ko since I could feel minimal cushion below the equator so nagsakit lang pigtot ko sa biyahe hahahahahahaha

It's a blessing that the Kalaw jeep does not pass in front of the National Library, thus I have a few minutes of brisk-walking from Jollibee Kalaw, past the vast quantity (number) of seamen (seafarers, professional workers on seacraft) pooling (coming together)on the sidewalk, before finally arriving at my destination.

[I really recommend that you read the previous paragraph aloud, preferably if your parents are around haha]

Medyo nabawi ang sakit sa pwet ko sa National Library kasi akyat-baba naman ako sa stairs, from the first floor hanggang fifth floor pabalik-balik ako. hahahaha talo ko pa ang nagcacardio-workout. at least I could finally feel my butt again, and my legs, and my calves, and my thighs...

Finally I was nestled comfortably within the Media Services section. Aircon ang lugar so I happily browsed through the microfilms of newspapers and magazines during the Commonwealth Period.

Reading through the Sakdal newspapers brought tears to my eyes. Though the text is evocative and lyrical, written in makabagbag-damdaming Tagalog, it was not intense emotion that caused my tear glands to overreact. The fact that I had been staring at the microfiche reader for hours, and the fact that some of the microfilms were of below average quality meant that I was teary-eyed, bleary-eyed, blurry-eyed, and slightly cross-eyed by the time I finished at around 4:30 PM.

Though in fairness, 20th century technology ang microfilm readers sa National Library. Kelan kaya gagraduate sa industrial age ang microfilm section ng UP main lib? hehehe

Since my optic circuits are going on overload and rush hour traffic is on, I had to make my exit from the National Library...the other readings would be done on another day...

The return trip to Philcoa took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. My butt died, went to heaven, but then decided to forego its enlightenment and return as a bodhisatva - seeing the sorry state of its owner stuck in the afternoon smog and rush hour traffic in Manila.

Having thus rejoined his owner, Ditch's butt is now taking a well-deserved rest in preparation for the battles to come...

Wish me (and my bodhisatva butt) luck...

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