Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Back!

daw si MacArthur ba...

it has been quite a loooong while since I have posted on this blog. A lot of things have happened and I would not be going over all the details here. The important thing is sonofaditch is alive and well

...and is already a level 30 apprentice wizard in Cabal Online.

Updates about the Labors of Sonofaditch?


I failed to pass my term paper for Kas 226 on the scheduled deadline. the cause of which was a mishap with my laptop's OS which threw my whole schedule awry. Try as I might, with pen and paper in hand, iba pa rin pala kung nasanay ka nang gumagawa ng paper on a laptop on the wee hours of the evening and early morning.

I realized that if I push myself too hard, I would just be regurgitating a mediocre paper for my course. Since sir jose was kind enough to inform us that he allows INCs in his course, I decided to take that option and wait out the lag in my system.

Now that my laptop's resuscitated, I look forward to spending next week on my kas 226term paper. It just needs consolidation and a bit of tweaking, but I'm confident that I'll be able to pass my paper before the end of november. Itaga mo yan sa bato. hehe

So this week, I am devoting myself to imbibing in the atmosphere of the semestral break. In short, ine-enjoy ko muna ang sembreak, hence the foray into online gaming and my entry into Cabal Online. Good thing may member discount ang internet cafe na pinapasukan ko hehe.

This gaming fever will only be for this week, after which any subsequent "quests" will take a backseat to the real-life adventures of graduate school in peyups...

But for now, kiddies...


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