Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Last Book

...for my Kas 226 term paper, I am almost done reading.

Ba't parang si Yoda ako kung magsalita ngayon? hehe

Hopefully I'll be finished with the SCAP GHQ GS* Report by tomorrow. Then the "notes consolidation" begins...

Medyo may pagka-OC** ako when doing my history papers so medyo matagal ang process ng pagsusulat ko. First there's the reading and the initial note-taking. So far for my Kas 226 I think I've read about 15 books for this term paper.

Then follows the "notes consolidation" -- arranging my notes based on my research outline. Di ba I told you that I have the outline somewhere in my cerebral cortex? Pwes, bukas ay i-extract na yan...calling Sylar...

I have two 8x12 plastic envelopes filled with notes written on several pieces of yellow pad (nakaubos yata ako ng dalawang bundles)and photocopied materials. My consolidated notes usually run for about 30 or 40 pages shortsized bond paper. Magastos ako sa papel...magagalit sakin si Mother Nature.

My Kas 205 research also had a lucky break this morning. While I was going through the MLQ*** Papers in the National Library, I found this set of notes regarding a press conference Quezon had with press people regarding amendments to the Sedition Law that he was considering to sign into law. Medyo lumitaw ang fascist side ni Quezon as well as his aversion to the Sakdalistas and the Communists whom he considered as threats to the security of the Commonwealth. Medyo kumaklaro na nang konti ang patutunguhan ng research ko for Kas 205. I still have to go to Batasan next week to find more sources. Wish me luck...

BTW, talo kami sa DoTA**** match namin last October 8. haha one big flaw in our team is that we lack teamwork, and thus cannot come up with an effective counter to the strategy of Fernan' team. The other team obviously learned their lesson from their last defeat and came up with an effective gameplan to counter our strategy (or seeming lack thereof). Sige lang, pagnaka-pass na ako ng papers ko sa October 28 (arigato gozaimas Ricardo-sensei!) tututukan ko yang strategy na yan.

But for this week its papers, papers, and an exam sa class ni Spiderman!

Hay naku, ang layp nga naman...

*Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, General Headquarters, Government Section
*** Manuel Luis Quezon
****Defense of the Ancients -- duh!

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