Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mga Pinagkakaabalahan

1. Two - no, three - book reviews for Ma'am Camagay. The early bird gets a LOT of worms, it seems. hehe

2. Readings for our Anthro 292. Hindi pa kami nagkikita ni Prof Tan but from what I can glean from his essay, magaling na tao may sense of humor pa...

3. Eto pa ibang pinagkaka-abalahan natin. hehe

Trinity Blood: the DVD I bought had some defect with the encoding or rendering since it was playing at twice the speed. On a positive note, that means I was done with the series in one day. Unfortunately, now I'm stuck with the memory of all the Trinity Blood characters being dubbed by Alvin and The Chipmunks. I liked the Italian Renaissance references and the primordial siblings. Pinaka-astig na pangalan ng character - VACLAV HAVEL! hahaha and he happens to be a real historical figure.

Gunslinger Girl: The instant I heard the opening song, I fell in love with this anime. Little orphan girls modified physically and mentally to be lethal assassins. So far I find this series generally depressing but there are light and even touching moments. Now if the damned DVD behaves itself and plays properly, I could continue watching this anime...

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