Monday, June 15, 2009

What Lies Beyond the Event Horizon?

No one is really sure, though theories abound. I tried reading the wikipedia article on 'event horizon' but my comprehension conked out after three paragraphs.

I am now approaching the end of this (mis)adventure in Manila. I am approaching a new horizon filled with uncertainty but we have to trudge on, even with the faintest hope and notion of where we are truly headed.

Join me as I begin the journey to the end of this adventure. I face the coming end not with a sense of dread but a feeling of hopeful optimism (redundant?).

Don't worry folks. Just because we are at the beginning of the end doesn't mean that the wackiness will ease.

After all, this is sonofaditch we're talking about. hehe

This is my Stand Alone Complex on its last season.

See you beyond the Event Horizon...

1 comment:

pebi said...

ditch!!!asa office ako kaya hindi ako makapagmessage sa cbox mo..nakablock kasi.. :)

mtatapos ka na sa MA mo?congrats at goodluck!!!labas tayo bago ka man lang lumayas ng UPD..
my treat :)