Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Frakked-Upped Enrolment

Ever since I arrived in Manila, it seems that I have been dogged by a series of unfortunate events.

Yesterday, I was planning on withdrawing my enrolment money when the PNB ATM went offline. The fierce rains kept me from journeying beyond the Shopping Center.

Today, I woke up early hoping that the line at the bank would still be short. Turns out there was no line. The reason: the ATM was still offline.

But I consoled myself with the fact that I could still enroll myself as payment is the last step in the process.

Lining up at the grad school office to get my Form 5 was a bit of a hassle as the support staff was still a bit frazzled and disorganized. But thankfully the line was short. When I got my forms I snuck inside a vacant classroom and proceeded to fill them out. So far, so good...

Next, I made my way to the History Department's office to have my forms signed by our designated graduate studies adviser. I was spared the long queue since graduates students are accorded a certain privilege - naks...and so I was patiently waiting inside the office for my name to be called when all of a sudden everything went dark.

At nagkabrownout pa! walang kuryente, walang access sa CRS! Sh*t!

In hopes that the power would eventually return, I bided my time in the dark recesses of the Kas office, assaulted by the delectable sight and smell of the office staff's merienda. But there was good news -- I was directed to the office of Prof Veneracion who was gracious enough to sign our forms. Made me think twice not taking his course -- ang bait pala ni Prof Jimmy...hehe

When I was about to step out of the department, I realized that I did not have my trusty umbrella with me. Frak. I went back to the Kas office but it was not there. Then I remembered...

I left it inside the vacant classroom.

I went back there but my umbrella was already gone. Which was not surprising, considering it was one fine specimen. At sino ba ang hindi gugustuhing makapulot ng sosyal na payong, no?

But, dammit! This frakking day has been one disaster after another!

To relieve the stress of this day, I spent the next few hours roaming Trinoma and SM North. I bought myself a new umbrella and as luck would have it, an Underworld DVD was on sale at Odyssey at THE Annex. Nothing like Beckinsale in spandex to chase the malas away. hehe

I decided to return early to UP since I imagine the power cut wouldn't last long. I made my way to the library for my clearance. Earlier I had been there but the power outage meant that they were unable to access their records or whatever. I was expecting a flurry of activity since they would be making up for lost time but the library seemed bare -- and dark.

"Sir, closed na po kami. Half-day lang kami ngayon." the guard informed me.


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