Sunday, June 7, 2009


A Reminder against procrastination: met Prof Jose during the enrolment when I was processing ate angie's forms. a living, walking, and smiling reminder of my Kas 205 delinquency...sigh

A Reminder against (unsafe, sexual) experimentation: David Carraidine dies in the most bizarre (though not quite unheard of) manner. I remember a similar scandal involving a British MP during the late 90s who also suffocated to death -- while wearing women's lingerie. Jesus Christ, Caine...I understand the erotic asphyxiation bit -- but choking your genitals? ano ba yan?

A Reminder against (indiscreet) video documentation: Careless whisper. 'nuff said.

A Reminder against (potentially lethal) infection: the opening of classes were postponed for a week due to the H1N1 virus threat. I need a thick book. Several cheap DVDs.

And I also need to start working on my Kas 205 paper.

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