Thursday, March 19, 2009

The DVD Works...I'm Loving It

I'm currently watching the 2nd season of Millennium.

This season is weirder, more apocalyptic, more existential...wanna know the true nature of evil?

After watching four episodes, the answer(s) could be ANY of the following:

A. the rational choice of an obsessed man -- and a comet.
B. a force of nature -- who's a bitch that'll send a pack of dogs to maul you to death if you intrude on her turf
C. our very essence. ACTG. Sense. Antisense. A bit of biochemistry helps.
D. a murderous, sociopathic, soulless -- five year old girl

or it could also be ALL of the above...

I look forward to seeing again the episode entitled "Anamnesis" which featured a young girl suspected to carry Christ's (yes, THAT Christ) bloodline, and of a secretive group tasked to protect the descendants of Christ. This episode also asks which Mary are we really praying to when we recite the "Hail Mary"...

Take note that the series aired mid-90s so medyo naunahan na nila ang Da Vinci Code. Take that, Dan Brown!

For those dissing the second season for being inferior to the first, I believe that the first season, with all its emphasis on serial killers and the blood and gore, was a precursor to the second season. What could be the natural next step for a trail of murder and evil...the Apocalypse, of course!

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