Sunday, June 15, 2008

Found You!

There's this one anime that I had the chance to watch at AXN when the channel used to air an All-Day Anime Marathon. One of the Anime screened made an impression on me. But despite that impression, I absolutely forgot the title of said anime. All I remember about the anime was that it featured a spaceship able to project a hologram of an angelic figure that shoots arrows able to take out a whole planetary fleet of starships.

I have to give it to the Japanese, how in the world do they come up with these implausible yet visually stunning scenes?

Then the Fates were kind enough to lead me to the DVD store at UP Shopping Center and then I found a DVD that was vaguely familiar...then I remembered--


THAT WAS THE NAME OF THE ANIME that I watched a few years ago! hahahaha

Here's an AMV (Anime Music Video for you noobs hehe) that presents the series (about 12 episodes) in a nutshell. The series bear a striking resemblance to Vandread in terms of character design and storyline... many anime, so little time. Nakigulo na rin si Onofre Corpuz...

BTW, I also found a copy of Appleseed, another classic anime. If you like cyborg-human love, this anime's for you. Sa mga malisyoso, hindi po ito hentai.

Ang saya naman nito...hehehe

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