Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WTF? The Dancing Prof

Today's class was a bit out of this world. We were treated to the sight of our professor doing an impromptu interpretative dance routine showcasing the varied economic activities of our precolonial forefathers while a "sit-in" student was explaining her idea of "native technology."

Eleazar and I were both seated at the front row and we bore the brunt of the "dance routine" full force. I was clamping my hand on my mouth trying my best not to let out any hysterical laughter (good thing I didn't burst a vein or something). I was also avoiding Eli's incredulous stares which would've furthered my descent into hysterical laughter. I thought I'd seen everything in UP...hindi pa pala. I am still capable of being surprised -- and shocked.

I admit that oftentimes I tend to be animated when presenting historical facts to class. I often engage in monologues and mimicry just to breathe life into the dessicated "facts" of history but the Prof's performance was unparalleled. Pang-Oscar or pang-Tony ang performance! hahaha

But in fairness, Prof delivers his lectures without the aid of notes. With his trusty cellphone slung around his neck, he engaged us in discussion which is often punctuated by his teasing various members of the class. It was weird how he kept referring to Eli and I whenever he was talking about "datus". He also called out one of our classmates whom he noticed was making ligaw to his seatmate. I was trying my best to remain under the radar lest I fall victim to one of his non sequiturs. That would be my "mission impossible" this sem.

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