Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life Lessons from Anime

here's some of the "life lessons" I have learned from watching Anime series...

1. Code Geass - never ask an egotistical, manipulative, self-absorbed and slighty sociopathic person for romantic advice. NEVER!

2. Full Metal Alchemist - love thy brother. and if thine brother has lost entire body due to an alchemical procedure gone awry, please have the consideration to bind his soul to a suit of armor...then devote the rest of your life to getting him his body back...he's your brother after all.

3. Death Note - according to L you'll never get fat even if you eat a ton of sweets if you keep using your brain. according naman kay Light: if he writes your name on this piece of paper, you're definitely dead hehehe

4. Naruto Shippuuden - never, ever call Chouji FAT! Also, revenge is never a good motivation to honing your jutsu -- unless you're Sasuke. In which case your desire for revenge will be the driving force behind the suffering of your friends and mentors. Bad karma yan...

5. Vandread - why can't we all just get along? Segregation has never resulted to anything good. It just results to awkward social situations and weird reproduction techniques

6. D Gray Man - believing in yourself is the key -- and if it so happens that you're a compatible wielder of Innocence, don't use a grandfather clock as a weapon to harness your power, for heaven's sake! Also, make sure you pay all your debts and not have someone pay them off for you, unless you're Cross Marian...

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion - find someone to explain the last episode of the series...find someone to explain the last episode of the series...find someone to explain the last episode of the series...

8. Full Metal Panic - what does it take for a person to say "I Love You"? Which of these life-or-death situations would finally force our protagonists to fess up and confess their feelings? A group of terrorists highjacking a plane? A terrorist taking hostage a state-of-the-art submarine and attempting to spark an international conflict with it? A deadly game of cat and mouse on the underground tunnels of Shanghai? A robot gone berserk in Hongkong? A haircut? Recess? The sexual tension is killing me!

9. Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex: Second Gig - always back up your files, who knows when you'll need the Tachikoma's AI...,maybe in the next season?

10: Akira - best friends have the exclusive -- i repeat -- exclusive privilege to kill each other.

11. Claymore - it's never too late to show your soft side to people. Sure, you may be a silver-eyed, half-demon, half-human, professional demon exterminator who wields a bad-ass sword but you still have feelings don't you?

12. Inuyasha - Obedience is a virtue. If she says "sit!" she means SIT...

13. Bleach - the only cool thing if you can see ghosts is if you can fight them with your very own Zanpaktou. And only make friends with people with high reiatsu like you hehe if worse come to worst isa lang ang isigaw -- Ban...kai!

14. Samurai X - Pink is so not a gay color.

15. Fate Stay/Night - don't treat people around you like slaves. Though technically you did summon them...and he/she is bound to that contract with you...the important thing is to treat the relationship as a partnership -- though some hanky-panky is also encouraged hehehe

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