Saturday, August 16, 2008

Manila 2024?

One of Lenard's blog post features some videos posted online anticipating Manila hosting the 2024 Olympics. While dreaming is a nice endeavor (plus its free and hardly laborious) let me share some of my thoughts while pondering the "Manila Olympics 2024 scenario"...

1. HOLY SH*T! Really!? Hindi pa nga natin maayos-ayos ang bulok na sistema ng gobyerno dito aasa pa tayong maghost ng Olympics? Kung sa bahay pa, linisin muna natin ang bakuran, looban, bubong, basement, pader, kisame, lahat na ng sulok ng bahay bago tayo magpapasok ng mga bisita...Or did we not forget the 'funny' stories during the SEA Games?

2. Speaking of SEA Games...the dream of Olympics hosting will get a huge boost if Monico Puentevella gets elected as President of the Philippines! Kaya simulan na ang kampanya! wahahahahahaha!

3. Huwag na...mahal ang square meter ng tarpaulin pantakip ng "eyesores" around Manila...

4. The Olympics: an international sporting event notorious for scandals, dubious officiating, and with a ruling committee seen as resistant to complaints. The Philippines: where elections defy the rules of mathematics, statistics (even common sense), scandals are commonplace, where everything (it seems) could be bought, and with a governing body serving only the interests of a few...combine them together and you get...?

5. Malaki na naman ang kickback sa construction nito...hala simulan na ang paghuhukay for the Crocodile's Lair! wahahahahaha!

6. If this indeed pushes through, some of the insane scenarios I proposed in my recent blog MIGHT come true. Psychic na ba ako? hahaha

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