Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seen and Heard

On the day we saw the play Noli at Fili dekada Dos Mil:

SEEN: "COUNTRY Chicken House" - name of food establishment we passed by somewhere in New Manila. Guess what the name of the small carinderia beside it was...Yes, it was "COUNTRYSIDE Eatery."

HEARD: In a UP Campus-Philcoa Jeepney going along University Avenue - "Kuya, diyan lang po kami sa may OVATION banda..." hahahahaha buti na lang hindi "Ovulation" or else baka nahulog ako sa jeep kakatawa.

Just this day:

HEARD: On the MRT - "Chowking Soap Operas"...stories to cleanse your soul and rekindle your spirit. can an old Chinese tale of cannibalism lift up one's spirit? ha? The stories were so morose and banal it almost made me want to bite off someone's head in the train. This is as worse as sitting next to an evangelist in a bus...I was actually looking forward to the monotony of the MRT station announcements. Annapolis Station...Annapolis Station...

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Extasiege said...

I'm with you on the Chowking Soup for the Soul thing, bro. I feel your pain.

Siege here. Great blog, mate.