Friday, August 1, 2008

I have Robert Seña's Autograph

Just came back from the Philippine Educational Theater Association's performance of "Noli at Fili: Dekada Dos Mil" and the play was AMAZING!

The play was a reinterpretation of Rizal's classic novels. Imagine the novel occuring somtime during this decade. Imagine Ibarra as a mayor of a small town in Southern Tagalog. Imagine Maria Clara renamed as *gasp* Clarissa (?!).Imagine Elias as a commander of an insurgent group battling illegal loggers in the mountains. Imagine Padre Salvi - now transformed into Colonel Salvi - the patron and protector of the corrupt elements in town. Imagine Padre Damaso as a bishop. Imagine Doña Victorina as a bag-toting, Spanish-speaking socialite. Imagine Kapitan Tiago as Governor Tiago. Imagine Pilosopong Tasyo as Principal Tasyo...hahaha basta ang daming binago pero meron paring nanatiling makatotohanan sa reinterpretasyon ng tanghalan.

Best performance in my view was Robert Seña as Colonel Salvi. Most Consistent Acting Award goes to the guy who played Basilio (mangiyak-ngiyak school of acting kaya siya hahaha) Best Trajectory for an Artist's Saliva goes to the actor who played Ibarra/Simon. Best Performance as an Audience Who Do Not Know How To Behave in a Theater goes to the students at the front rows na ewan ko kung saang school nanggaling. Kaming taga-UP tingin lang sa kanila and we were asking ourselves "First time ba nilang manood ng play?" or "Baka akala nila sine ang pinapanood or noontime show?"

Barbarians! Buti pa ang mga taga-UP maski nakatsinelas lang sa teatro marunong manood ng play hindi katulad sa inyong mga posers - este - poseurs pala! wahahahaha


Aside from indie films, the theater is another niche where Filipinos shine. And shine they did. Though I am not too thrilled with the reinterpretation of the Fili part (gusto ko dark yung ending, parang Sweeney Todd, eh yung ending production number pakanta-kanta pa - in fairness, music composed by Noel Cabangon ohhhhh), the play was an earnest endeavor to translate the social thoughts of our national hero into something the new generation could "gets".

Plus, tenor pala si Robert Seña? hahaha I managed to get his autograph since he was at the end of the line of actors, nearest the exit. Sayang hindi ko nakuha ang autograph ni Kuya Bodgie (of Batibot fame) who played Bishop Damaso.

Weird Moment: When we were hanging out outside the theater during the intermission, I saw Bembol Roco across us, hanging out with Isay Alvarez and isa pang director. Bembol Roco walked toward us and I found myself directly on his path. I froze in my tracks and all I managed to say was: "Si Bembol Roco..." wahahahahaha Star-struck?

Really, I felt stupid the moment the words escaped from my lips...and then Bembol threw his cigarette at the garbage bin beside us.

When we went back inside the theater, guess who was sitting at the row before us?

Si Bembol Roco.

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