Friday, August 15, 2008

Unlimited Blade Works...

Just counting the hours until I make my way back home. I'm giving myself a break for now since I finished consolidating my notes for Spiderman's research. The brain-wracking and research writing will have to be done in Bacolod. But it doesn't mean I won't be enjoying my one-week escapade...It's a good thing Spiderman moved the deadline for the first draft but I would still have to stick to my schedule since Spiderman's paper is not the only research paper I have to make. But for now, I'm just sitting back, relaxing, and watching old anime series.

Fate Stay/Night AMV featuring Archer...I think I mentioned somewhere that one of the skills that an anime hero should master is declamation...hehe

See you in Bacolod.

[UPDATE: I forgot how cheesy the series got toward the end with all the romance between Shiro and Saber. But fortunately, it only lasted about half an episode then all systems go na for the final confrontation...]

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