Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anime # 2: Ghost Fighter!

I nearly went postal during my first year when I wasn't able to watch the LAST episode of this anime series. We were required to attend the f*cking La Salle Pops Orchestra so all the negative energy went into the required reaction paper. P*tangina nyo hindi ko napanood ang last episode ng Ghost Fighteeeeer! hahahaha

Proof that this anime is still popular. I came across an advertisement flyer here in UP featuring Lord Yomi hailing an "Ikot" jeep and another showing Yomi and Dennis going one-on-one at the sunken garden hahaha I think it was for a Japanese Studies org...sure got my attention...

Oh siya here's the opening theme of YuYu Hakusho Season 2, when the guys (Eugene, Dennis, Vincent, Alfred or Yusuke, Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara) battled the "soccer dude" hehe Sensui

Fave character: Dennis, especially in his fox form.
Fave villain: sino pa kundi si Tarug--este--Toguro hehehe
Fave episode: Yomi versus his kid! ties with Toguro versus Eugene! ties with Dennis versus Karasu! it's a three-way!

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