Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pirating Pebi...

got this idea from a blog post by pebicentric. here's one of the many anime that have made a permanent mark (or scar?) on my life. this is the end theme for the first dragonball series -- when son goku was still a kid and his adventures consisted of foiling the plans of the red ribbon army. i always looked forward to the end of the episodes because this song would play and I would sing along ala videoke. (the philippine episodes would often feature subtitles parang videoke which made singing and memorizing the lyrics better.

here's the lyrics so you can sing along

(Philippines version)

life is so exciting and free
there are lots of good things to see
fantasies -- we can make them happen in this world

let's not lose our precious time
they are really hard to find
let's all go and find adventures in this life

oh we may see some mysteries that puzzle everyone
we must be strong to face them all
like battles to be won

aim high reach for the sky now
let love teach you the way how
oh this world can make dreams come true

oh this world is filled with love
oh this world is filled with love

so glad to know you do believe what love can do for you

oh this world is filled with love
oh this world is filled with love

challenges can make us strong
the power of love makes us win as it fills us with joy

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