Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amores Perros

no this isn't about the movie...this is about our family's love story with animals, specifically dogs. hehe

Just got a call from Mama informing me that our dear, neurotic dog Jacko has finally called it quits after several dog years of living. At least he spent the last few years of his life with us because he wasn't originally ours. Mama also informed me of the good news -- two additional members to our family.

Si Pokwang kag si Laika...

My goodness...Mama said they got the names from a teleserye though I don't picture myself calling these dogs by their given names.

and so another pair of canines join the ranks of God's creatures that have found themselves in the good graces of my mother. As far as I could recall there have always been dogs and other animals in the house. I grew up with dogs as my playmates in the house. My sister and I would even sneak them into the house and let them sit around on the sofa...some even slept in our beds hahaha

and so these canines, felines, and other manner of beasts and creatures (fish, pigeons, and would you believe a pig?) often become extended members of our family --and these two newcomers are now acquanting themselves with life in our home. I would have to see for myself how "cute" these two are but at the moment they are currently being smothered by the motherly love of Erlinda hehe

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