Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quein te gusta joder?

our Spanish professor broke the ice during our class today by having us go around asking questions to our classmates. The topic was the verb "gustar" (to like) and we were were asking each other what we like: Hobbies, favorite food, etc.

so we were going "que te gusta hacer?" or "que te gusta comer/beber?" when "creative minds" started to kick in...

One of our loco classmates came up with a brilliant question which i made the title of this post. The question translates to: Who do you want to f*ck?

when he asked me I immediately replied: Penelope Cruz! hahahaha maybe it was because we were in Spanish class that she was the first person to come to mind...the movie Sin Noticias de Dios maybe? Gracias Pebi!...

when we were discussing the activity, we were all laughing because of the crazy questions and answers that our group came up with. What I found perplexing is nobody in class knew who Penelope Cruz was. Maria (nuestra profesora en espanol)had to explain that she was una artista en peliculas espanoles pero COME ON!Nobody knew her?!

Other names came up during Maria's discussion and it seemed that I was the only one in class who knew them:

1. Agatha Christie - yo conozco un autor pero no leo sus libros.

2. Pedro Almodovar - un director de peliculas en Espana. No veo sus peliculas but I have heard of them.

Let this be a lesson to you: Leed muchos libros y ved muchas peliculas! (movies made by european directors, that is)

But enough about that, now let me ask you:

Quien te gusta joder?

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