Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anime # 3: Ranma 1/2

one good thing if an anime series last long, you get to see the improvements in animation techniques as the years go by. and anyone who has bought the complete ranma 1/2 series is bound to see the change in animation style and quality throughout the series run. but the jokes are STILL funny, the situations ranma gets him/herself into still elicit a big round of Roll On The Floor Laughs, and even if the situations and challenges get more absurd and wacky, you still can't get tired of watching our gender-switching protagonist along with the other metamorphosing (and non-metamorphosing) characters go on theircrazy adventures. Now where did I put that takuri full of hot water...

some of the more memorable funny stuff:

1. Ranma gets a concussion and begins to believe that he's a woman
2. the martial-arts/gymnastics showdown bet. Akane and Kodachi (with the high pitched a-ha-ha-ha-ha!) plus the ring moves all by itself! (or does it?)
3. female Ranma being kissed by Kodachi's brother. Ranma's reaction is a KILLER! hahahaha
4. the "perverted old geezer" and his fondness for lingerie
5. various scenes of characters finding each other naked in the bath
6. the poor near-sighted Moose and his unrequited love for Shampoo...that, and the fact that Moose manages to hide all sorts of things under his sleeves -- kulang na lang bazooka ang itago niya!
7. Akane's father shedding copious tears -- cry me a river!
8. Ranma's father's past bulilyasos coming back to haunt both him and his son -- its usually Ranma that has to fix the mess though...
9. Ryoga's insanely poor sense of direction -- and his crush on Akane
10. The Chinese guide at the "cursed springs." Always ready with a story of some unfortunate being that fell into a cursed spring (usually a few thousand years ago) -- after a person had already fallen into it.
11. The insane martial arts styles (Anything Goes? Pancake Delivery something something...etc.) and the crazy moves (The Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Move was pretty cool though)
12. a character named "Pantyhose" (this was in the manga though. when I read of this character, nearly fell off my chair laughing)
13. how the wrong people keep falling in love with Ranma -- the male and the female versions -- which make for some very funny situations.

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