Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stage Two: Cleared!

Finally, my report in my Kas 226 class! Now all that's left are the book reports, the term paper proposals, my Kas 110 draft...

But for now, I am thankful that I made it through the two reports despite the most mysterious phenomena that had been plaguing me this week -- tila hindi nagkakasundo ang laptop ko at ang LCD projector...thus in my Kas 205 report the class had to view my presentation on the laptop screen while in my Kas 226 a similar fate was avoided due to the timely intervention of Sir Marlon, who lent his laptop for our use in class.

One positive thing about our Kas 226 class is that since we're a small class (6 students and Prof Jose) we have now ended up as good buddies. During the reportings the exchanges were light and humorous, even Prof Jose would break out into chuckles at times and even *gasp* Mr Sungit would break out into quiet laughter. Believe it or not!

My B & R adventures are also positive this week. I found a few nuggets of information that could prove useful for my paper in Kas 110.

Patience and Perseverance. Thank God I still have these.

As a reward for myself, I spent the whole night reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. hehe Even I didn't see the twist coming in the last few chapters. Riveting.

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